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PASMA Course criteria

Training Room / Classroom
Room dimensions / capacity
Tables and Seating
Environment – noise / disturbance / dust
Temperature control (heating, air conditioning systems or
shaded location)
Toilets and wash facilities
Fire arrangements and escapes
Refreshments / eating arrangements

EQUIPMENT [dependant on categories to be trained]
4m Mobile Access Tower [minimum]
Low Level Access Units
Advanced Module Units

Indoor / Outdoor Minimum Height
Sufficient Area
Area cordoned for exclusive use
Risk assessment for training activities
Rescue Plan
First Aid Provision

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Required Standard
Sufficient for 12 delegates
Should be free from environmental disturbance
Should be adequate and within reasonable distance
Fire arrangements and fire escape routes should be clearly signed
Demonstrate sufficient for up to 12 delegates
Projector, screen and PC, or other means of input, (e.g. laptop, PDA, memory stick)
Demonstrate that windows do not allow sunlight to enter and cause distraction


BS EN 1004:2004
BS 1139, Pt. 6:2005
BS EN 1004:2004 


To position and work from equipment
Demonstrate exclusive use during training
Evidence of completed Risk Assessment
Written rescue plan in event of emergency
Qualified first aider and first aid box

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Training Centres of Excellence

1. Training Centre of Excellence Birmingham

2. Training Centre of Excellence Carlisle

3. Training Centre of Excellence Glasgow

4. Training Centre of Excellence Greenford

5. Training Centre of Excellence Leeds

6. Training Centre of Excellence Loughborough

7. Training Centre of Excellence Manchester

8. Training Centre of Excellence MEP Canning Town

9. Training Centre of Excellence Middlesbrough

10. Training Centre of Excellence Nottingham

11. Training Centre of Excellence Southampton

12. Training Centre of Excellence Stevenage

13. Training Centre of Excellence Strood

14. Training Centre of Excellence Swansea

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