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Fire Warden Training Course

Fire Warden Training

Providing the skills & knowledge to enable candidates to perform the duties of a fire marshal or warden.

Course Content: Fire safety law and risk assessment principles, routine and emergency duties of a fire marshal/warden, the fire triangle, how to raise the alarm and choose the correct fire extinguisher, spotting and reporting fire hazards, what to do when you discover a fire, raising the alarm and contacting the fire service, evacuation principles and techniques, the management of assembly points, routine and emergency liaison with the fire service and typical human behaviour in hazardous situations and how to handle it.

Training Method: Classroom based power point presentation.

Your course will take place at one of Hire Station's Training Centres of Excellence, which are located throughout our UK branch network. You will be led by experienced and friendly staff members who guide you through your training with ease.

Please note that this training course does not cover the practical use of fire extinguishers.

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