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Floor sanders are used to sand all types of wooden floors including parquet prior to varnishing or staining.

Supplied complete with an RCD power breaker.

Additional Information:

Features: The four brush motor powers a sanding drum that is dynamically balanced and is covered in an unique drum rubber. A major advantage is that the unit is completely self-contained with the added quality of a high-dust-pickup-efficiency. For easy transport and storage the sanders break apart into three simple sections. With a low voltage trip switch this electric floor sander is ideal for both home and professional use.

  • Based On: Hiretech HT8 Drum Floor Sander
  • Off Load Current: 5A
  • Average Load Current: 8A
  • Noise: 95 dBA at 1M
  • Vibration: 1.60 m/s² rms
  • Motor RPM: 8,500
  • Drum RPM: 3,300
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 322mm x 940mm x 855mm
  • Weight Net: 41.5kg
  • Sanding Sheet Width: 200mm

Floor Sanding Tips:

Before floor sanding, empty the room completely of furniture and remove any old floor coverings, nails and anything else that is attached to the floor, then vacuum and clean the room thoroughly. Basically, you want an empty clean surface to start working on.

Inspect the floor closely, drive in all nail heads and remove any carpet staples or fasteners from former flooring to avoid tearing the sanding sheets.

The direction of sanding often depends on the floor's condition. If it is fairly flat, it may be possible simply to use the sander up and down the floor boards' grain. If the floor is uneven, or has a very thick coating of paint or varnish, go across the grain. Sanding at a right angle to boards may damage them, so sand at about 45 degrees. Cross the room in one direction, then the other before finishing along the grain. Reduce the coarseness of the sandpaper you use as you progress, finishing with the finest grade.

If your floor needs a lot of sanding, start with the coarse (P40 Grit) sanding sheets, for a floor in a better condition, the medium (P80 Grit) sanding sheets are better.

Make sure the drum of the sander is sitting off the floor before starting the machine and then lower the drum onto the floor slowly and move at a gradual, even pace to ensure the sander creates an even finish. Before the end of each run ensure you raise the drum of the sander off the floor before changing direction or switching the machine off.

Sanding a floor always produces a lot of dust (even though the machines have dust bags), so always wear goggles and a face mask to avoid inhaling the dust, ventilate the room by opening windows and seal around the door (to prevent the dust from getting into the rest of the house). Sanders are also noisy, so ear protection should also be worn.

Do not let the dust bag fill more than halfway before changing, otherwise the additional weight of the dust bag negatively affects the sanding of the floor.

The Floor Sander (sometimes known as a Belt Sander) does not come complete with sanding sheets or dust bags, please remember to add these when placing your order.

It is advisable to order at least 3 of each grit of sanding paper per room and at least 2 dust bags per room (unused sheets and bags can be returned and monies refunded).

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I hired a sander online, when I went to collect the staff were generally friendly and didn't make me feel like an amateur and an idiot. When I took it back the other staff were just as nice. I'd go back there in a trice! - Susan Peirce

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