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Pipe Bender - Hydraulic (250075)

For bending 10mm to 50mm thick walled steel pipe. Comes complete with formers. Will bend steel pipe up to 90 degrees.

Pipe Bender - 15, 22 and 28mm (250085)

For bending copper, steel, and stainless tube for plumbing and conduit 15, 22 and 28mm.

Conduit Bender - 20 and 25mm (250086)

Bends copper, steel, and stainless tube for plumbing and conduits.

Multilayer Tube Bender - Hydraulic (255105)

For fast kink free bending of multi layer tubes 16 mm up to 32mm outside diameter.

Pressfit Bender - 110V - 15-28mm (255110)

A thin wall copper, steel, stainless steel tube bender 15-28mm, thin walled copper tube up to 35mm and multi layer tube ...

Pressfit Bender - 110V - 35-42mm (255115)

Thin wall copper, steel, and stainless steel tube bender 35-42mm. Also suitable for bending multi layer tube up to 50mm...

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