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View our range of heating equipment that we have available for immediate hire.

Heating Solutions from Brandon Hire Station

No matter if you need to heat your living room, an office, your factory floor or even larger areas including schools and hospital, Brandon Hire Station has you covered!

Our range of heaters include:

  • Electric Heaters: ideal for indoor use our electric heaters can produce between 2kW and 15kW.
  • Gas Heaters: at Brandon Hire Station we offer gas heaters that are powered by both Propane and Butane and can produce up to 160,000 Btu per hour.
  • Space Heaters: our direct and indirect fired heaters are idea for heating up large areas such as factories and warehouses.

With technology becoming more and more advanced, various types of heating products with different heating technologies are now available in the market. Our range of heaters can either be hired or purchased depending on your specific needs, where for short periods of usage - hiring may be a better option than if you were to require a heater on a more permanent basis - where purchasing would provide you with a better service.

At Brandon Hire Station, we have a large range of heaters that are designed to keep a workplace warm during the winter months. We are able to provide many numerous brands and types of heaters, including:

  • Infrared Radiant Heaters: With a smart and stylish appearance, the infra-red radiant heater is a very effective personal heater, free from fumes and provides an instant localised heat.
  • Fan Heaters: Our Fan Hearers are compact and portable with a powerful 2kW heat output, providing a heating solution for offices, shops, schools and hospitals. With an adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, vertical / horizontal use and a cool / warm / hot heat selector, our fan heaters circulate fume free air for an extremely competitive price.
  • Industrial Fan Heaters: Like our regular fan heaters, the industrial fan heaters are designed to heat / cool a much larger environment such as a warehouse, storage facility or workshop.
  • Convector Heaters: Our convector heaters are very economical, and provide 3 different heat settings and an adjustable thermostat to get the air to a suitable temperature for the job. This is ideal for heating individual rooms, and generates 2kW of heat output on full power. Alike our other heaters, this product features overheat safety cut-out, frost guard protection and illuminated control switches.
  • Cabinet Heaters: Using catalytic technology, our cabinet heaters provide homogeneous and constant heat dispersion. Unlike most gas heaters, this heater has no visible flame and is therefore ideal for homes, schools, hospitals and offices.
  • Propane Box Heaters: Our box heaters are excellent all round convectional heaters, with a max heat output of 25kW. This long lasting robust machine is ideal for warehouses, outhouses, small factories, roadworks, building sites and other locations where there is no electrical supply.
  • Rocket Heaters: Our rocket heaters come in three different varieties depending on the size of the job, and each heat up to a different max range. Our rocket heaters are more designed for industry and site work, in workshops, industrial units and horticultural buildings.
  • Patio Heaters: Our patio heaters / warehouse haters are high quality and stylish heaters with a max capacity of 13kW. These heaters are an extremely effective solution to heating a warehouse or any area covering up to 25 square metres. These heaters are also ideal for parties and outdoor events, ensuring a warm environment for both you and any other parties involved.
  • Space Heaters: Our space heaters are the best out of all our heaters for heating large areas, such as warehouses, workshops and construction sites. To put this in perspective, our small space heaters heat a max range of 550 metres squared and our large space heater being capable of heating up to 890 metres squared.

Whatever your heating needs are, we have you covered. Not sure what heater will be best for you? Get in touch!

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