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Diesel Concrete Site Mixer

Belle Premier 100XT Yanmar Diesel Electric Start Site Mixer
Belle Premier 100XT Yanmar Diesel Electric Start Site Mixer
Belle Premier 100XT Yanmar Diesel Site Mixer
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From Belle Group's advanced range of mixers and has a foot operated tipping lock giving operators safer control.


Additional Information:

Features of the diesel site mixer includes: A Rigid mixing drum with reinforced rim, enhanced mixing performance from a unique paddle design, a stronger easy to clean chassis, a high specification gearbox to survive the worst site conditions and lockable engine compartment (the new Premier operates with the lid closed). As the name suggests, this mixer has been designed with building sites in mind but is also suitable for large domestic projects.

  • Based On: Belle Premier 100XT Yanmar Diesel Electric Start Site Mixer
  • Engine Power: 2.5kW
  • Drum Capacity: 250l
  • Mix Capacity: 110l
  • Drum Speed: 19rpm
  • Paddle Type: Gated Paddle Design
  • Noise Level: 99dB(A)
  • Dimensions: Width x Height x Length (mm): 900 x 1475 x 1765
  • Weight: 335kg

How To Use The Mixer:

Start by adding half of the sand, half of the ballast and a little water and allow the mixer to mix this for a few minutes before adding the cement followed by the rest of the sand and ballast. After a few minutes start adding some more water, a little at a time until the required consistency is reached (observe the mix as it travels around the drum and note the point at which it drops, if the mix reaches the top before dropping, then it is too dry, if the mix doesn't reach the side as it turns, it is too wet). A good consistency will travel half way up the side of the drum before dropping, if it is too dry, there will be no flow and the concrete will not fill the area properly, if it is too wet, the mortar will flow out of the mix. When the mix is ready, position your wheelbarrow in front of the mixer, then tilt the drum slowly to load the wheelbarrow. Do not allow the mixer to dry before cleaning it (dried concrete is hard to remove from a mixer drum). Put a small amount of sand into the drum with plenty of water and leave it to run for a few minutes then empty, and then follow this with just water to clear the remainder off. Switch off the mixer and if required, use a stiff brush to clean the blades.

Concrete And Mortar Mixes:

There are a number of different mixes that can be employed. The proportions of each individual element added are dependent on the requirement. A strong concrete mix is one with a higher percentage of cement, whilst a weaker mix uses less cement.

General Purpose Concrete = 1:2:3 mix. Ideal for most uses except foundations and exposed paving. It is composed of one part cement, two parts sand and three parts coarse aggregate (if using a combined aggregate, this mix would be 1:4, one part cement to four parts combined aggregate).

Foundation Concrete = 1:2 ½:3 ½ mix. Ideal for wall foundations or bases and laying paving slabs, etc. One part cement, two and a half sand and three and a half coarse aggregate (if using a combined aggregate, this mix would be 1:5).

Paving Concrete = 1:1 ½:2 ½ mix. Used for exposed paving such as driveways and garage floors. One part cement, one and a half parts sand and two and a half parts coarse aggregate (a combined aggregate would need a mix of 1:3 ½).

Standard Mortar = 1:5 mix.Used for internal or sheltered bricklaying. Mix one part cement to five parts soft sand. Add a small amount of lime or one part plasticizer to increase the workability (this type of mix is ideal for an internal block partition wall).

Strong Mortar = 1:4 mix. Used for exposed brickwork. Mix one part cement to four parts soft sand, add a small amount of lime or plasticizer to increase the workability.

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Using this equipment indoors or in confined spaces could cause fatal carbon monoxide poisioning. Never use it in domestic premises and only use it in other indoor situations if its suitability and the ventilation required has been fully accessed. Mechanical extraction ventilation will almost always be required.

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Item Diesel Concrete Site Mixer
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