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Power Tower Nano Plus - Self Propelled - 2.5m Platform

power tower nano plus hire

Designed to be used for construction and maintenance applications when convenience and effciency is required.

Complies fully with EN280 and relevant European Machinery directives.

Additional Information:

The Power Tower Nano Self Propelled (SP) Plus is ideal for working on raised access flooring due to its low weight (550kg) and low point loading. Provided it is used on flat, level, hard surfaces the Nano SP Plus is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a full 1m cantilever deck and has a compact footprint of 1.2m by 0.73m when in the closed position.


Only use the Nano SP Plus on hard, level surfaces that are able to support the weight of the machine, never use the machine on uneven or sloping ground. Ensure that the safe working load is evenly distributed in the basket and never exceed the safe working load (1 person, 200kg). Never drive the Nano SP near holes in the floor and always drive in a safe and sensible manner.

Please note that this item is charged at a minimum weekly hire rate and is only available from specialist branches.

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Technical Information:

  • Manufacturer: Power Towers Ltd
  • Weight: 540kg
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height (Closed): 1590mm
  • Maximum Platform Height: 2500mm
  • Maximum Working Height: 4500mm
  • Closed Platform Height: 390mm
  • Outreach With Cantilever Deck To Cage Edge: 1000mm
  • Basket Dimensions Without Cantilever: 1000mm x 730mm
  • Basket Dimensions With Cantilever: 2000mm x 720mm
  • Working Footprint: 1200mm x 750mm
  • Safe Working Load Main Platform: 200kg
  • Safe Working Load Cantilever Deck: 120kg
  • Maximum Manual Force: 200N
  • Maximum Gradient For Operation: 1.8°
  • Maximum Wind Force: 12.5m/s
  • Maximum Weight Including Payload: 740kg
  • Maximum Castor Point Load: 210kg
  • Drive Speed (Slow): 0.7km/hr
  • Drive Speed (Maximum): 4.6km/hr

Head Protection Required Hand Protection Required Foot Protection Required IPAF Training May Be Required Training Is Available For This Item Load Must Be Stable Item Can Be Transported By Flat Bed Available To Order Online Order By Phone 0345 604 5337
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Item Power Tower Nano Plus - Self Propelled - 2.5m Platform
Weekly £239.99

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