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Our range of work platform access equipment covers both manual and powered access platforms, including power towers, self propelled towers, PecoLifts and EcoLifts.

We provide numerous different kinds of work platforms in order to fulfil your exact needs when it comes to access.

Our range of Work Platforms
1.8m Folding Work Platform (010205)

Ideally suited for working on ceilings or any high up working space, this product is perfect for the job.

Delta Deck Work Platform (010221)

An innovative low level access solution, ideal for those needing flexibility when working at 3m and below.

Low Level Platform - Pop Up Plus (020007)

With a maxium working height of 4.5m and a deck length of 1m the Pop Up Plus encompasses all the same features and benef...

Low Level Platform - Power Tower (020009)

Ergonomically designed to be safe and simple to use for applications where access is limited. Power Tower is a push arou...

Low Level Platform - Pop Up Push 8 (020017)

Immediate low level access. 8 seconds to reach full platform height. Indoors - POP-UP goes anywhere, even through single...

2.5m Nano Power Tower (020018)

Platform height 2.5m, working height 4.5m, the heavy-duty Nano maximises platform size whilst minimising working footpri...

Power Tower Nano - Self Propelled - 2.5m Platform (020019)

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, 100% UK designed and manufactured, the ultimate in self-propelled, low-level access eq...

Power Tower Nano Plus - Self Propelled - 2.5m Platform (020025)

Designed to be used for construction and maintenance applications when convenience and effciency is required.

PecoLift - Wind Rated - 1.5m Platform (020028)

Working height 3.5m, wind rated to 12.5 m/s (27.9mph).

PecoLift - 1.5m Platform (020029)

Working height 3.5m with a small footprint of 985mm x 700mm for internal use only.

EcoLift - 2.2m Platform (020036)

Working height 4.2m with a footprint of 1280mm x 700mm for internal use only.

EcoLift - Wind Rated - 2.2m Platform (020037)

Working height 4.2m, wind rated to 12.5 m/s (27.9mph).

Electric Low level Lift - 5.6m (RESCIS3.6)

Platform Height 3.6m - Working Height 5.6m - Environment: Indoor.

Electric Low level Lift - 7.9 (RRUNABOUTGR20)

Platform Height 5.9m - Working Height 7.9m - Environment: Indoor.

Desk Surfer Mini Monkey Tower (TWR07LL)

Ideal for low level external or internal work even allowing over desk access.

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