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Lighting solutions for your next event

Lighting Solutions

Read our guide to help you identify the right for your next event

lighting solutions for your next event

When planning an event, there are a wide variety of factors to take into account, including your budget, the date, the time, the location, the venue, the number of attendees, catering, entertainment, security and much more. One essential element that shouldn’t be overlooked is lighting hire. Not only can the right lighting help you to achieve the ambience you want, it can also have many practical benefits. For example, it can help staff to do their jobs effectively, ensure the event operates smoothly and also enhance security.

In this article, we discuss lighting options for your next event, whether you’re holding a small domestic event, a large commercial function or something else.

What lighting do you need for your event?

For any event, you will need four different types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting

    This kind of lighting is used to create the right mood and involves the use of colour, brightness and temperature to achieve a comfortable light for general illumination. It also helps to prevent the shadows that directional lights can create. Ambient lighting solutions include pendant ceiling lights, downlights and track lights.

  • Accent lighting

    This directional lighting is used to provide focus on certain objects, people or areas, or to create an artistic or dramatic effect. Examples include wall lights and recessed spotlights and table lamps.

  • Task lighting

    Task lighting is concerned with providing illumination for the performance of certain tasks. It is brighter than ambient or accent lighting and, to be effective, it should be glare-free. This type of lighting is just as important as more atmospheric or dramatic types of lighting, as it can be pivotal in ensuring that your function runs smoothly. For example, you may use generator-powered floodlights to illuminate car parks or sports events.

  • Decorative lighting

    These lights are less concerned with illumination and more concerned with enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your event and adding interest. For example, you may use light sculptures as table centre pieces at an award ceremony or branded neon wall hangings for a business conference.

Venue lighting

A number of factors will come into play when choosing lighting for your venue. These should include:

  • The type of venue you’ll be using

    For a rustic barn or marquee wedding, for example, festoon lighting would work well for providing visual separation, defining parameters and creating a jovial and romantic atmosphere. Whereas LED panel ceiling lights at a big exhibition centre would work well for creating diffuse illumination at a wedding fair.

  • The type of event you’ll be holding

    If you’re planning a gala dinner, you may decide to use a chandelier to create a uniform light. If you’re planning a party, meanwhile, you might decide that coloured LED disco lights, strobe lighting or laser projector lamps are the way to go.

  • The location of the event - indoors or outdoors

    Some indoor lighting solutions are not designed to be used outdoors, as they may not be able to handle external temperature changes. Unlike indoor lights, outdoor solutions tend to be made of non-corrosive materials, so they will withstand the elements. Some outdoor lights are also diesel powered and unsuitable for use in indoor or confined spaces. If you’re holding an outdoor event, such as a football match or music festival, mobile lighting towers will provide the intense illumination you require, and they will also allow for easy transportation and positioning.

  • The tasks that need to be carried out

    Task lighting should be an imperative part of your lighting design plan. You may require portable work lights to allow security guards to carry out their duties, or lighting towers to illuminate car parks. You might also need to consider lighting solutions for catering staff, cloakroom attendants, storage areas and staff zones.

Car park lighting

In addition to pedestrian barriers and other traffic management solutions, good lighting is crucial to car park safety as it helps to prevent dangerous or illegal parking, traffic congestion and accidents. It can also improve the visibility and vision of pedestrians, and enhance security in these zones.

The Diesel LED Mini Lighting Tower is a good solution for car parks as it can provide 1,600 square metres of illumination coverage and can run for 30 hours at a time. It also boasts a rugged design and can easily withstand inclement weather conditions. It features LED lights too, which are known to have a longer lifespan and lower power requirements than traditional bulbs.

Lighting for access and exit points

Decent quality lighting is vital for access and exit points, as it can help attendees to clearly identify these important locations. It can also help to increase security in these areas. The 110V Globe Light is a perfect solution for access and exit points as it gives off a clean white light and helps to reduce shadows. It can be suspended from a wall or ceiling, mounted on a tripod or placed on the floor, making it a highly versatile option. These lights can also be linked together to create effective walkway lighting.

Lighting for site security

Lighting is an important aspect of security. Intense lighting, such as floodlights, can help to improve visibility both on CCTV and in person. This can help to deter criminals, and it can also help security staff to see criminal activity and apprehend offenders in a timely manner. As mentioned previously, handheld lighting solutions are also beneficial for security staff as they provide good quality illumination on the move.

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