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First Fix or Second Fix

First Fix & Second Fix

Do you know the difference between your fixes? Find out below.

First Fix & Second Fix

First fix and Second fix are terms commonly used terms within the construction industry, and there are specific pieces of kit that are designed for each. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber or carpenter, or you've hired a tradesman for a job and want to know what is involved at each stage. We’ve put together some information to help distinguish what is what.

First Fix

The first fix is most commonly used during the early stages of construction and relates to more structural & foundation work and is performed before any plastering or internal wall work is undertaken. An example of first fix jobs is related to flooring installation, door frames, cladding, plasterboard installation and the building of stairs. For an electrician, this involves installing electrical cables and for a plumber, it involves installing pipework for water &/or gas distribution. The general rule for first fix applications is items that are not visible when the project is finished as this is the base for the second fix. Common tools that are used during first fix installations are nail guns, plasterboard lifters and screw guns.


Second Fix

After the first fix has been completed, it is time to move onto the second fix installations. The second fix takes place after all the internal surfaces, such as plastering, has been applied. Some examples of work that is completed at this stage are internal doors being fitted, skirting being applied, architraves cut and fit and stair handrails attached. During the 2nd fix, electrical fixtures are connected to the cables and plumbing work such as sinks and baths are connected to pipes. Second fix work does require a neater finish than the first fix as these jobs will be visible when the project is complete. Common tools used during the 2nd fix installations are nail guns, nailers, planers and mitre saws.

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