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Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

See how easy it is to get your lawn looking its best & the benefits of aerating your lawn.

Healthy Grass with a Lawn Aerator

In order to have a healthy lawn, you need to ensure that water, air and nutrients can reach deep into the soil under your grass. That is why it is important to aerate your lawn to get rid of heavy grass patches or lawn thatch.

The aeration process involves small holes being penetrated into the lawn, usually with a lawn aerator, which digs deep into the soil. This allows essential nutrients, air and water to reach the grassroots. The results of this are a stronger, healthier-looking lawn. If your soil is compact then this prevents those essential elements getting into your roots which results in a build-up of thatch and patchy, thin areas of grass.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

If your lawn has heavy traffic or heavy use, or pets are regularly walking on your grass, the lawn aeration would be advised. This commonly causes the grass to be padded down which leads to soil becoming compact. If your lawn dries out quickly and even has a soft feel underfoot, then this is another sign that aeration is needed as this is often the cause of thatch. You should remove a thick layer of grass and check the condition of the soil and check for layers of thatch. Another sign that you should aerate your lawn is if there is poor drainage or puddles occurring after wet weather, this leads to water being unable to drain into the earth effectively.

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?

The best time to start aerating your lawn is during peak growing season. This is because the grass is able to heal and the grass is able to grow efficiently. Aerate your lawn in early spring or late autumn. Hire a lawn aerator online to improve the health of your lawn. 

See how aerating your lawn can help improve the health of your grass:

Benefits of aerating your lawn

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