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A complete guide to floodlights

A complete guide to floodlights

Read our guide to help you identify the right flood lights

a portable floodlight illuminating a construction site

The most powerful form of lighting, floodlights and lighting towers, are used for many purposes, both domestically and commercially. As the name suggests, floodlights are designed to ‘flood’ an area with light using a high-powered, broad-beam source of light. Whether this is to allow work to safely continue on a dark construction site, to ensure an event is adequately lit or to allow you to carry on working on your garden when short winter nights start pulling in, LED floodlights are an energy efficient form of lighting that are not only incredibly useful, but also highly popular.

However, when are the best times to use these handy pieces of equipment? How bright are LED floodlights? And how many floodlights do you need for the job you're working on? In this post, Brandon Hire Station will answer all of these questions and more in our complete guide to floodlights.

When to use floodlights

As touched upon above, the broad beams produced by floodlights and larger lighting tower units are used in an array of ways across a wide range of spaces, industries and events. These include:

Construction lights:

Building sites, areas of highway maintenance and other construction workspaces require high-intensity lighting systems to ensure work can safely be carried out and continues even when natural daylight starts to fade. Portable LED floodlights, which can run 24/7, are typically used on these sites due to their ideal high lumen output.

Domestic driveway and garden lights:

Whether you want to install a temporary security light over your driveway while you are away from your home, or you’re looking for the perfect lighting solution to help with visibility when you are excavating or landscaping your garden, floodlights can be a great solution.

Car park lights:

Lighting in car parks is essential, not only to ensure cars are left in a secure place, but also to make sure the space is safe for those who are using them - this is especially important for temporary outdoor car parks during the night. Floodlights deter criminals, make the space feel more secure for users, and make it easier for drivers to safely park up. Floodlights, or lighting towers for larger car parks, with wide beams and a far range are ideal for these jobs.

Event floodlights:

Mobile lighting towers are excellent lighting solutions for an array of outdoor events. From festivals and race meetings to wedding receptions and large parties, portable floodlights are the perfect way to illuminate walkways, outdoor event areas such as marquees, car parking areas, and more. They can also be used to professionally light outdoor performances, such as theatre productions and concerts.

How bright are LED floodlights?:

To know how bright LED floodlights are, it’s first important to understand what lumens are. To put it simply, lumens are a unit of measurement used to determine how bright a light source is. Unlike watts, which measure the amount of energy a light produces, and volts, which measure the potential difference between two points of a circuit, lumens are focused solely on the brightness of a light. The higher the amount of lumens, the brighter the light.

With this in mind, the higher the amount of lumens an LED floodlight possesses, the brighter it is. For example, our 7.4V Rechargeable LED Floor Light - ideal for DIY construction work and decorating jobs - possesses a respectable 3500 lumens. However, our Diesel LED Mini Lighting Tower - designed for large outdoor events, car parks and large construction sites and warehouses - boasts a much larger 64,800 lumens. Finding the perfect floodlight or lighting tower for you simply depends on what you need it for.

How many floodlights do I need?

The amount of floodlights you need will obviously depend on the job at hand, the size of the area you need illuminating, and the type of lighting equipment you opt for. However, to give you a rough idea, see our helpful coverage chart below.

AreaDomestic / CommercialLumens neededType / Number of floodlights
Patio/Driveway Domestic 1500 7.4V Rechargeable LED Work Light x1
Larger garden (200㎡) Domestic 2,500-3,500 7110V Tungsten Halogen Magnetic Floodlight x1
Small / Medium construction site Commercial 3,000-10,000 1110V LED Twin Head Floodlight - Swing Leg Tripod x1-5
Large construction site Commercial 10,00 - 50,000 110V Tungsten Halogen Twin Head Floodlight - Fixed Leg Tripod (multiple needed, depending on site size)
110V Four Headed Folding Tripod Lighting Mast x1-2
Car park Commercial 9000-20,000 110V Four Headed Folding Tripod Lighting Mast x1
Large music festival Commercial 50,000+ Diesel LED Lighting Tower x50+
(depending on size of festival)

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