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Hire Station have a full range of power tools for any task. Our power tools are carefully chosen to ensure that they meet the highest levels of quality and safety. With power tools ranging from electric drills to electric saws, and diamond drills to electric sanders we have everything you could need. We are currently in partnership with Makita who are manufacturers of professional and consumer power tools equip us with a range of power tools from cutting, grinding and drilling and fixing.

We take power tools safety very seriously, and make sure that we provide you with full instructions on how to safely operate our power tools, as well as advice on the recommended safety equipment to accompany each power tool in our range. We want to make sure that you get the correct power tools for the job.

So if you are looking for power tools, then Hire Station are the people for you.

Our available power tools include:

  • Drilling Tools - we stock SDS+ and SDS max drills as well as corded and battery powered equipment. Almost all of our drilling equipment
  • Electric Saws - available in both 110V and 240V forms our Makita saws can be used for a wide variety of cutting applications 
  • Electric Sanders - here at Hire Station we have a wide range of sanders including, floor, floor edging, palm and orbital variants
  • Cutting Tools - we offer equipment such as reciprocating saws, chow saws, metal nibblers and even jigsaws again with a selection of cordless and corded versions
  • Electric Grinders - we offer both electric floor and angle grinders. The floro grinder is 110V whilst our angel grinders are available in 5 varying sizes
  • Electric Planers - all of our electric planers are 110V units avaliable as handheld diamond or power tools or as a heavy duty floor planer
  • Air Pick - ideal for surface prep, drilling masonry works or installing electrics. These machines also have the added bonus as being able to double up as a light duty chaser
  • Diamond Drills - excellent for professions such as plumbers, electricians and general contractors

So if you are looking for Hire Tools, then contact us using the 'Ask for help' button located in the top right hand corner of your screen or alternatively call us on 0345 604 5337.

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Recently had a flood? Or has your washing machine broken down? Is your building new or recently renovated? If so there is no better way to reduce the amount of moisture in the air without damaging the building than using one of Hire Station’s professional dehumidifiers.

When you hire a dehumidifier from Hire Station, using the equipment couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is make sure all the windows and doors are closed, position the equipment in a convenient location, plug the dehumidifier in and press the 'on' button!

So if you need to dry any structure including houses, garages, individual rooms, office spaces, hotels and retail outlets why wait? View our range of dehumidifiers online, including domestic dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers and carpet floor dryers.

Carpet Cleaners

Need to hire a carpet cleaner today? Our range of industrial carpet cleaner equipment can tackle any job!

Carpet Cleaner hire from Brandon Hire Station is quick, simple and very economical. Our range of carpet cleaners includes both the Domestic 240V carpet cleaner and the more industrial upright carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaner rental is a fast growing sector, so give your carpets a professional finish and hire a carpet cleaner online today!


Does your lawn need rejuvenating? Do your bushes simply need a trim? Or is garden landscaping simply a hobby of yours? If so then visit Brandon Hire Station today where our range of landscaping tools can help with a range of projects including laying a new lawn, aerating your garden and even basic garden maintenance.

We can offer quality and reliable equipment at fantastic prices, delivered direct to your door including chainsaw hire, wood chipper hire, a range of strimmers and hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and much more!

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