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Material Lifts

Genie Lifts are a type of material lifts that are ideal for a wide variety of tasks at the workplace including shipping/receiving, lifting heavy items to or from shelves, installing and repairing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) components, lifting and moving vehicle parts, and many other manufacturing applications.

Genie Super Lift Advantage SLA10Genie Material Lifts are quick and easy to set up, operate and transport in a standard pickup or service truck. Moreover a great range of accessories and options make them extremely adaptable to your specific needs. Powerfully built and with dependable performance, Genie Lifts are excellent value for a virtually unlimited number of indoor and outdoor uses. Hire yours today!

Genie Lifts are lightweight and low-cost, and are designed to enhance productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of applications. Some of the many applications Genie lifts are used for include:

  • Shipping/receiving of products
  • Transporting appliances
  • Lifting heavy material to or from shelves
  • Moving office equipment
  • Installing ceiling/wall appliances
  • Record storage and retrieval
  • HVAC installation and repair
  • Lifting equipment/computer products in retail stores
  • Handling cement bags
  • Lifting and moving automotive parts

Genie Lifts are available in various base options such as:

  • Straddle Base: This lift is perfect for lifting small pallets, appliances and other bulky objects.
  • Counterweight Base: Its short leg length lets you get close to your load. It is excellent for accessing loads on countertops or shelves above fixed objects. It is designed for use on level surfaces.
  • Standard Base: Its compact design allows you to lift and maneuver in congested work areas. It is great for general lifting and material delivery.

Hire Station also have a large range of Genie Lift accessories available to hire, such as:

  • Boom attachments
  • Rotating Barrel Stackers
  • Pipe Cradles
  • Load Platforms
  • Extension forks

All kinds of material lifts available at our stores and online. Hire Station are one of the leading UK tool hire shops that offer a speedy tool and equipment hire service for all your hire needs.

Hire your Genie Lifts today!

Material Lifts

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