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Lawn Scarifier at High Station

A lawn scarifier is a quick and easy solution for removing matted grass, moss and weeds without damaging your lawn.

Hire a lawn scarifier from Hire Station and you will find its features include independently sprung hardened swinging blades, a floating front axle that follows the contours of the ground, a lockable fine height adjuster and folding handlebars for easy transportation. With an independent blade drive through a reliable centrifugal clutch for simplicity and ease of us.

Hire Station have the following lawn scarifiers available to hire:

Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400

This Scarifier has 6 raking heights, which can be adjusted using a single lever, these heights vary from -5mm which allows the electric rake to scratch below the surface of the lawn to +8mm above. Its unique design enables the rake to gather and compact moss and thatch in its large 34 litre collection box so that you have to empty it less.

Camon LS42 Petrol Lawn Scarifier

The Petrol Lawn Scarifier is the perfect machine to be used in the Autumn and Spring months when the ground is not too soft and when the weather will not be too dry. The benefit of scarifying a lawn is that it allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass whilst removing unwanted dead and foreign material. The blades of the machine are designed to pass through grass only and are not designed to make contact with solid ground at any point during operation.

Our lawn scarifier is ideal for use on large lawns, playing fields and parks. Our petrol-driven scarifiers aerate the ground and remove weeds, dead grass and moss in a single operation. For the perfect lawn, a scarifier is an essential gardening tool to remove dead moss and weeds that have been deposited over the autumn. A properly scarified lawn will allow healthy grass to grow, making your lawn and garden look clean and vibrant. As scarifying is a task that is only done occasionally, hiring a lawn scarifier is a perfect solution to ensure that the task is completed using good quality equipment. 

You can place your order online via our Lawn-Scarifier-Hire, visit one of our branches or talk to our team of experts on 0345 604 5337 today.

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How to Scarifiy Your Lawn

  • A fortnight before, apply a moss killer to any moss; otherwise scarifying will just spread live moss about. The moss should go black and die within a week or so.
  • Choose a day when the turf is dry.
  • Start by cutting the lawn with the mower on a low setting.
  • Set the scarifier on a high setting to begin with and go over the lawn a couple of times.
  • Repeat at right angles and gradually lower the blades so that they're just cutting into the underlying soil.
  • A vigorous scarification can be combined with over seeding and topdressing to give a tired lawn a real boost.

Over seeding is simply scattering grass seed over the lawn to help fill any gaps. Topdressing is spreading a thin layer of a mixture of sharp sand, sieved compost and soil. This fills any holes and covers the grass seed, helping it to germinate. You'll be amazed how much material can be removed. You may be worried that the lawn looks awful immediately afterwards but as long as there is plenty of live grass left it will recover in weeks and be denser and healthier as a result. Plus the material removed can be added to your compost heap.

lawn scarifier

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