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Benefits of LED Lighting

Why Choose LED Lighting?

LED lighting provides increased efficiency, cost saving (due to their low power requirements) and rugged construction, which makes them perfect for any lighting application. 

Our eyes are able to see better in the lighting spectrum generated by our sun. The closer we are able to replicate this spectrum, the higher the visibility. LED lights are able to provide a colour rendering index that our eyes pick up immediately.

LED lighting towers combine the latest lighting technology, which means that a single tank of fuel can run a lighting tower for roughly 150 hours, and cuts fuel by around 60%.

Benefits of LED lights:

  • Reduced heat signature
  • Lower power requirements
  • Longer bulb life
  • Rugged design and build
  • Immediate illumination
  • Shorter wavelengths

The difference between LED and Metal Halide lighting lights

The image below shows road street lights, with the LED area on the right and the Metal Halide lights on the left. Even though the LED lights are 8,040 lumens and the Metal Halide lights are 19,000 lumens, the LED lights appear brighter due to the scotopic advantage, better Colour Rendering Index and the more uniform lighting spread.

Even though LED lights product 8,040 lumens each, compared to 19,000 lumens for the Metal Halide lamps, the visibility is much better under LED lighting. Better CRI (Colour Rendering Index), Light uniformity and scotopic efficiency are the reason behind LED lights appearing clearer. LED lights are designed to have a far better distribution of light which results in lower wastage, lower up-lighting, reduced reflection from the road surface and reduced light hotspots. The scotopic superiority of LED lamps means that each photopic lumen produced by an LED lamp equals 2.4 scotopic lumens.

Advantages of LED lighting

There are several advantages of LED lighting systems, including the fact they are immediately visible when switched on. LED lights also have significantly less glare, which is essential when either on the road, working at height, or working on construction sites. They also provide a more uniform light distribution, which helps to reduce shadows and helps to improve visibility. All of these advantages are obtained with fewer lumens, and an estimated 40% saving compared to Metal Halide lights.

This is also achievable by the light hat selectively stimulates the rod cells in our eyes is more effective. Scotopic lumens are based on the sensitivity of rod cells, and each lamp has a different Photopic and Scotopic lumen rating (S/P).  In general, lamps that have larger component of blue light in their spectrum have high scotopic lumen rating. The S/P ratio is derived by dividing the scotopic lumen rating with the photopic lumen rating of a lamp.

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