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Hire Station Invest in JCB Mini Diggers

New JCB Mini Excavator

Hire Station continues to invest in the latest equipment, with the new JCB 8025 ZTS 3 tonne mini digger added to our fleet. By continuing to invest in new equipment, this ensures that you will always receive the best possible tools and equipment for your projects.

The new JCB 8025 mid-sized mini digger offers everything that a conventional tailswing does, with the added safety of zero tail swing (ZTS). With an operating weight of 2806kg/2833kg, and a powerful 1.5 litre 3 cylinder engine you receive optimum performance when on site.

Designed with a stable undercarriage and dozer blade, the JCB mini excavator is designed to stop a build-up of debris around the front of the machine, which stops any risk of slowing you down, and makes cleaning easier. The two speed tracking motor also provides the users with a top speed of 4.3kph, and a single auxiliary pipework as standard for powering additional attachments. The undercarriage on the machine also provides maximum protection against site damage. 

Hire Station Invest in JCB 8025 Mini Excavator Hire Station Invest in JCB 8025 Mini Excavator Hire Station Invest in JCB 8025 Mini Excavator

Traditionally mini excavator cabs are cramped and uncomfortable, however the JCB 8025 offers a unique spacious, comfortable environment for the operator. The wide access door can be latched back so the operator can work with door open. The seating position can also be adjusted for maximum comfort and even boasts an efficient heating system to allow you to work in the most comfortable temperature. The cab on the unit is separate from the slew frame which helps to reduce vibration from other parts of the machine.

Visibility from the working position within the machine is excellent, to the left you see the whole track. On the right and through the rear the curving bonnet bestows a clear view. The mounted hoses on the top of the boom helps to aid visibility further and doesn't impede the operator when using the machine.

The JCB 8025 is fitted with a short travel joystick, the most advanced micro technology in the valve block and a variable flow hydraulic pump. This provides smooth, precise movement, even from a novice operator, without compromising on power & speed for professional users.

For more information, and to find out how to hire the mini-excavator, visit the new JCB 8025 ZTS mini digger product page.


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