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Hire Station Continue to Invest in Airless Sprayers

Hire Airless Sprayers Online

Hire Station doubles fleet of airless sprayers

Hire Station continue to invest in new equipment, with the airless sprayer fleet almost doubled to ensure that we are able to provide the kit you want, when you want it.

The Titan Impact 640 airless paint sprayer is a precision power tool that is used for spraying many types of materials, including stains, lacquers, enamels, multi-colours, emulsions and smooth masonry paints.

The 640 airless sprayer is ideal for residential use, property maintenance or smaller commercial applications so you can complete your job with speed, ease and efficiency. This airless sprayer provides high performance and is able to apply all standard primer and paint coatings quickly, easily and with high efficiency thanks to the improved digital technology.

The integrated digital display also means that you are able to set pressure and actual working pressure readings for more precise spraying. The smaller tip sizes also allow more control when using the device, while the larger tips can provide higher production rates. Hire the airless sprayer online today at consistently low prices.

  • Recommended for residential, property maintenance and light commercial applications.
  • Weight: 15.9kg
  • Sprays up to 1.5ltr/min
  • Maximum tip size 0.023
  • Maximum pressure up to 3000psi

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