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Acoustic Barriers - New Product

Hire Station has recently begun investing in the latest fencing and acoustic barrier equipment.

Brand new to the market and offering great value for money our new range of acoustic barriers are available direct you at great prices and can even be delivered direct to your door.

Hire Station invest in the latest fencing equipment with the acoustic barrier supplied by Echo Barrier.  Echo Barrier is the world's leading supplier for solutions combating excessive noise pollution. The acoustic barriers are ideal for railways, roads, events and construction sites. 

There are a variety of benefits for hiring an acoustic barrier. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • Fully waterproof and fire retardant - making them ideal for outside use at events such as concerts and sporting occasions
  • Lightweight (6kg) and comes with custom made hooks for scaffold and fencing use - this makes the barrier incredibly easy to move and reposition whislt you can also attach them to msot fencing or scaffold structures
  • Unique roll-up design for compact storage and transport - this allows you to transport large numbers of the new acoustic barrier in less space and more compactly than convention barriers
  • Easy handling and installation 

Each panel measures 2000 x 2000 x 1.2mm (Height x Width x Depth), an area of 43 square feet and can reduce the noise pollution by up to 32 db. An example of this would be a rock concert has a decibel reading of about 111dB. Using our new acoustic barriers the noise heard outside the barriers would be around 79dB, similar to a vacuum cleaner.

This has an consequence on the affect of the noise. At 111dB a concert is located in the range near the human pain threshold for sound where as the 79dB post erection of the barriers is in the range that 'can be annoying to some people'. So not only do these barriers reduce the amount of noise pollution they reduce the potential harmful impact of the noise being produced.

With the Echo Barrier noise management is fast, effective and most of all simple with patented technology making the units easy to install, transport and store.

All our barriers have also been rigorously tested and conforms standard including:

  • BS EN ISO 60529
  • BS EN ISO 60068/2/1:200
  • BSEN ISO 60529:1992 IPX6

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