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18V Rebar Tying Tool DTR180ZK

A reliable time saving tool for form workers to tie rebar with a single hand. Perfect for form walls in applications such as concrete floors, foundations, walls, swimming pools and retaining walls.

At a Glance

  • Two mode operation - with single action mode for a tie with every trigger press or hold the trigger in continuous mode for rapid tying.
  • Easy load wire - in just 3 simple steps you can load a wire reel with approximately 120 ties.
  • Adjustable tying strength - that can be adjusted in six stages to optimise tension accordingly to the condition of the material.
  • XPT - eXtreme Protection Technology protects against dust and moisture.
18V Rebar Tying Tool DTR180ZK


  • Ultra fast tying - ties wire in about 0.95 of a second when tying D10 x D10 rebars with an 18V battery.
  • Large tying capacity - for tying up to 4 x D13 rebar at the same time.
  • Ergonomic design - with compact slim line design, central weight distribution and ergonomically shaped handle with sure grip rubber.
  • On-tool hex wrench - supplied for maintenance of the tie wire pate.
  • Brushless* - main motor delivers a runtime of over 5,000 ties.
Technical Specification
Tie Wire Annealed Wire
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.52 litres
Applicable Rebars D10 x D10 - (D13 x 2) x (D13 x 2)
Tying Strength Adjust Yes - 6 Stages
Weight 2.3kg
Volatage 18V

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