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Hire Heating Solutions

Be prepared for the onset of winter with our

Simple Heating Hire Soultions

No matter if you need to heat your marquee, living room, office space, factory floor or even larger areas including schools and hospital, Brandon Hire Station has you covered!

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Hire Heating Solutions


The ideal heating solution for all environments where diesel, methane and LPG cannot be used. Safe and low-noise, the electric heaters are practical and efficient.

Hire Heating Solutions

Gas Heaters

We offer gas heaters that are powered by both Propane and Butane and can produce up to 160,000 Btu per hour.

Hire Heating Solutions

Space Heaters

Our direct and indirect fired heaters are idea for heating up large areas such as marquees, factories and warehouses..

What type of heater do I need?

Heater Models

We provide a range of heaters to cater for your heating needs. Our range includes:

Space Heaters

Indirect fired heaters are are ideal for places where there’s limited ventilation and people are present. They deliver clean, dry, fume free heat safely and economically. Used in the event industry to heat marquees and temporary structures, they warm without any noise, smells or fumes. Indirect fired units can be positioned inside or outside of the area requiring to be heated, if placed outside the hot air is ducted in via flexible ducting, if placed inside the fumes and exhaust is ducted outside via a flexible flue.

Direct fired heaters are best for places that need large volumes of warm air, such as factories, warehouses, farm buildings, construction sites, concrete batching plants and industrial facilities. They must have permanent ventilation to the outside environment and are not suitable for marquees or environments where flammable materials are stored. View Space Heaters

Electric Heaters

The ideal heating solution for all environments where diesel, methane and LPG cannot be used. Safe and low-noise, electric heaters are practical and efficient, providing instant heat in small and medium-sized private buildings, marquees and public areas.

View Electric Heaters

Gas Heaters

Our gas heaters are non-flued space heaters used to heat a room or outdoor area by burning propane or butane. Appropriate safety procedures should always be followed: there must be adequate ventilation, they must be kept clean, and they should always be switched off before sleeping. If operating correctly the main emissions of a non-flued gas heater are water vapour and carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

View Gas Heaters

Hire Heating Solutions

With the following features our Space Heaters really make heating simple.

Hire Heating Solutions

Controlled Heating

Thermostats available to regulate and automate the heater operation and control the temperature in the area.

Hire Heating Solutions


Diffusers available to spread the heat evenly and make sure every one benefits from the heat.

Hire Heating Solutions

Ducting Flume

Ducting means the heater can be safely operated and positioned away from customers.

Splitters are also available to split the heat to different sides of the structure.

Hire Heating Solutions

Fuel Efficient

Gas and Diesel options available to suit your business.

What Size Heater do I need…

Heater Calculator

Choosing the correct heater for your building type is essential to get the most efficient heating solution. Whether you are heating a large warehouse, your home, a workshop or an event marquee, it's essential to work out what kWh you need to get the best results from your heat output. Click the button to use our handy Heater Calculator

Hire Heating Solutions


We have an extensive range of heaters to accommodate a range of budgetary and practical requirements.

Starting Price


Infrared Halogen Heater

Suitable for homes, offices, shops, schools, hospitals and hotels

  • Digital Thermostat
  • Heating Capacity: 9,200 Btu/h
  • Power Consumption: 2.7 kW
  • Heavy Duty Thermostat
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Variable Temperature Setting

Starting Price


Direct Fired Propane Bin Heater

A very popular heater for building sites, factories and warehouses

  • Heating Capacity: 15 - 31 kW
  • Thermal Flame Detector
  • Heavy Duty Thermostat
  • Anti-Tilt Switch
  • Fuel Consumption: 1.025 - 2.13 kg/hr
  • Heater Options - EC55 & EC85

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