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Heater Hire Guide

Heater Guide

Have an event coming up that needs heating? Need to heat your warehouse or workshop? Not sure which heater is best for you? Check out our heating guide to get the right heater for your requirements.

haters Guide

Choosing the correct heater for your building type is essential to get the most efficient heating solution. Whether you are heating a large warehouse, your home, a workshop or an event marquee, it's essential to work out what kWh you need to get the best results from your heat output. That is why we at Brandon Hire Station have put together this handy guide on how to choose the right heater. By working out the volume of the area you wish to heat, and deciding on how much heat increase you require, you can then choose your insulation value and find out exactly how much kWh you need to get the best out of your heater.

How to work out what heater you need, in 4 easy steps:

How to choose the right heater

At Brandon Hire Station we provide a range of heaters to cater for your heating needs. Our range includes:

  1. Electric heaters: These lightweight and portable heaters are ideal for indoor use.
  2. Gas heaters: Propane or Butane powered heaters, ideal for when no electricity is available.
  3. Indirect space heaters: These types of heaters are ideal for marquees and warehouses, or anywhere that has limited insulation or ventilation.
  4. Direct space heaters: The most efficient type of heaters, direct heaters provide large amounts of heat and are ideal for use in warehouses and factories, or areas that are well ventilated.

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