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Head Protection

Head Protection

Almost every industry in which there is a potential for head injuries head protection is required. During 2011 & 2012 HSE reported that there were over 8,500 head injuries within the workplace, and some ended in fatality. This severely identified the need for head protection whilst onsite.

Here are a few key points to consider when selecting your head protection:

  • It should be in good condition, if it carries damage dispose of it, a damaged helmet is no good.
  • It should fit you comfortably and properly.
  • The helmet must not prevent the user from wearing hearing protection (when needed).
  • Make sure your head protection is obtained from a reputable supplier as unfortunately there are fake hard hats on the market.

At Hire Station we provide a CE Marked EN397 hard hat. The equipment will fit users with a head circumference between 520 & 630mm.

Our hard hats feature a vented design to help keep your head cool as well as an adjustable ratchet strap and internal harness complete with sweatband. The actual devices themselves measure approximately 165 x 290 x 230mm (H x L x W).

We have two examples that display the effects of not wearing versus wearing your hard hat. Both of these cases are taken from HSE. 

  • The first case is a 61 year old worker who suffered near fatal brain and spinal injuries after a 14ft box pillar fell on him. He spent more than six months in hospital and is now unfortunately permanently disabled and struggles to speak and move. As a result of his injuries he is unable to work and needs full time, round the clock care. He was found to have not been wearing his safety helmet and thus the company he was working received a fine of £14,000 and ordered to pay nearly £7,000 in prosecution costs.
  • The second example is where a worker was injured by a piece of metal debris, roughly two and a half times larger than a Blackberry mobile phone, that fell onto him during demolition work. The shard bounced off his hard hat and left him with a shattered collar bone and broken shoulder. If he wasn't wearing head protection there is a very high chance he would have been killed.  

Hire Station recognises how vital head protection and hard hats are which is why they are made from a high strength material called high density polyethylene, often abbreviated to HDPE.