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Industrial Fencing Equipment

Do you need to remove, rebuild, construct or repair fencing onsite, quickly, efficiently and effectively? Create clean and solid bore holes? Or conduct safe fence post removal? Then Hire Station has the fencing tools for you with our new Industrial Fencing Equipment category. Our new fencing tools are capable of handling almost any job with professionals in industries such as landscaping, gardening, industry fencing, contract work, forestry and much more!

Robust, reliable and quality tools always rule the roost and so here at Hire Station we make the customers’ tool experience our number one priority, which is why we invest in the most industrial equipment available, which provides you peace and mind when hiring our fencing equipment. Our Industrial Fencing Equipment is available to you all year round at great prices and since our modern fleet of vehicles and experienced staff can deliver your hire items to either your main staging area or directly on site, there isn’t much we can’t help with!

Within our new Industrial Fencing Equipment category is equipment such as:

Petrol Post Driver – Our Petrol Post Driver machines, sometimes referred to as a ‘Post Knocker’ or ‘Post Rammer’ help force both metal and wooden posts into the ground to help create secure bases for projects such as fence work, bird houses, sign posts and much more. Powered by a reliable and powerful 4-Stroke Honda powerpack our Rhino petrol post driver units have been specifically engineered to meet the requirements of both driving larger posts into the ground and a broader range of post driving applications. Our fleet of modern Petrol Post Driver machines are fitted with a range of ergonomic features including balanced handle grips, Rhino’s new CIS anti-vibration dampening system, Rhino’s Tension Grip crankcase cover which aids in the quick inspection and maintenance of the machine and the Rhino ‘Chuck-Lok’ adapter system which allows the machines operator the change post adapters quickly and safely whilst in the field.

Petrol One Man Post Hole Borer – Sometimes referred to as a ‘Post Hole Digger’, ‘Post Hole Auger’, ‘Fence Post Auger’ and ‘Fence Post Digger’ our one man petrol post hole borer machines from Stihl are designed to withstand the toughest environments. When you need to rule the earth our petrol auger systems bore holes quickly, efficiently and powerfully whilst leaving solid bores with high degrees of integrity. Sporting Stihl’s fuel efficient 1.9BHP 4-MIX engine which produces high levels of torque coupled with balanced and smooth running rhythm and good fuel efficiency. Other features a long life air filter which is integrated into the carburettor allowing for infrequent cleaning of the system, a vibration dampening frame allowing for prolonged use of the equipment, a large support cushion with fits against the lower stomach, upper legs and knees to provide a comfortable boring position and a ‘Quick Stop’ drill brake which will immediately stop the auger if it becomes jammed in the ground mean our Stihl Post Hole Borer machines are among the best on the market!

Hydraulic Post Puller – Ideal for removing fence posts, our Hydraulic Post Puller units from Postpullers, sometimes known as ‘The Fence Master Post Removal System’ or post removers, help provide easy mechanical assistant when removing stubborn fence posts from the ground. The hydraulic system allows you to even remove posts that have concrete footings within minutes rather than hours, saving the operating a lot of backbreaking work! The hydraulic powerpacks connected to our post puller units provide 4000kg of pulling power which means you can conduct fence post removal of posts up to 152mm (6inch).

To view our range of Industrial Fencing Equipment simply click on the interactive product tiles below!

Petrol Post Driver
Petrol One Man Post Hole Borer
Hydraulic Post Puller


Post hole borer, post hole auger, post hole digger, fence post digger and fence post hole digger are just some of common terms used when referring to post hole auger machines. When you need to hire a post hole digger you always need to know about the machine in question.

An ‘auger’ is a form of drilling device, similar to a dill piece, that formed with a rotating helical screw blade which is called a ‘flighting’. The flighting acts as a screw / material conveyor simultaneously boring the required hole and extracting the drilled out material (soil or earth). The orientation of the blades rotation forces the material out of bore hole.

When being used as a fence hole tool augers can also be known a ans earth auger, ground auger, hole auger or post auger. These forms of auger can be manually turned, are usually handheld and powered by a 2-stroke petrol combustion engine. When used in industrial fencing, our petrol auger units create a smooth, structurally sound and deep bore hole which can help safely secure fence posts to form the base of solid fencing system.

When you hire a one man petrol post hole borer machine from Hire Station you will be able to use the auger to create bores of between 40mm (1.5inch) and 200mm (7.8inch).


A virtual visualisation of how an Auger works

How 2 Tips - Post Driver, Post Borer, Post Puller

Here we have some basis tips to follow when using our range of Industrial Fencing Equipment. These aren’t ‘How 2’ guides, just some basis safety and usage tips designed to make sure you stay safe and in control.

When using one of our petrol post drivers, post hole diggers and hydraulic post pullers it is always important to wear the correct protection and so here at Hire Station we recommend ear plugs or defenders, eye protection in the form of either safety goggles or a full face mask, hand protection which will also aid your grip of the machine and safety boots (steel toe caps for the best protection).

With our petrol post driver machines and hydraulic post puller units we also recommend wearing hard hat head protection all of which is readily available from here at Hire Station.

Petrol Post Hole Driver

When using our petrol post driver machines it is important to always take precautions to stay safe. Always wear protective gloves as there design will not only protect you but also increase the amount of grip you can exert of the machine.

Your stance whilst using a post driver is very important as this produces a solid structure from which you can effectively drive posts into the ground.

Your legs must be slightly wider than shoulder width apart with a slight bend at the knee. This will put the tension into your muscles rather than your bones. When grasping the machine with your hands, make sure your arms and hands are both level meaning your fists aren’t facing inwards or outwards. You should also always keep a straight and flat back, if you need to bend or moves do so from your hips. This helps minimise any chance of a back injury.

When the machine starts driving apply and smooth, equal and constant pressure to ensure the machine is always in contact with the post. Depending on the density of the ground the amount of pressure required to help drive the post will vary.

Our Rhino Petrol Post Driver units are fitted with a dampening system which will help keep down the amount of vibration transmitted into your upper torso.


Petrol Post Hole Driver


Petrol One Man Post Hole Borer

Petrol One Man Post Hole Borer

Depending upon your location (outside a building or a garden) you may need to contact local power and telephone companies to make sure there aren’t any electrical cables or pipework situated where you plan to use the post hole borer. We also recommend doing this well in advance of your planned work to aid in effective time management.

To help stabilise the auger during the earlier stages of drilling we advise digging a small pilot hole the same width as your auger. This is act as a guide allowing you to bore accurately whilst applying maximum pressure to the post hole borer.

Do not rush the boring process. Apply firm but steady pressure and use the throttle gently to allow the machine to begin boring and then apply more throttle as needed.

Once you have bored your holes cover them over with a sheet of plywood and label the area so as to warn anybody to prevent them from falling into the hole.

If you are unsure about anything when hiring a post hole borer from us then please feel free to contact us here and one of our friendly hire team members will be on hand to help you or you can speak to our knowledgeable branch staff when collecting your equipment or when our driver arrives to deliver your order.

Hydraulic Post Puller

When using the post pullers hydraulic system always stand behind the machine. This will not only allow you the best leverage when pumping the hydraulics but will also position you behind any possible danger from the post that is being removed.

We recommend sawing down any posts that are being removed. This simply technique helps make the removal process more manageable. Here at Hire Station we recommend cutting off the post just above the post rest when it is in its full down position.

Never use our Hydraulic Post Puller machines for lifting or lowering of loads as this may cause damage to the machine. You must always be aware of the pinch points (the areas where the machine grasps the posts) as these can exert enough force to potentially crush your hand.

Sometime it isn’t necessary to pump the ram all the way as once the ground seal is broke the post and the attached concrete footing (if one is present) will easily come away. Always make sure the post is firmly rested on the post pullers post rest before moving the machine as this will ensure the post will not shift from its locked location, minimising the risk of an accident.

Once you have removed the post, make sure the machine is resting on level ground before slowly twisting the pressure release level anti-clockwise. As the hydraulic pressure eases the chains will begin to slack off, allowing you to unwrap and remove the post. For larger posts, a second person may be required to assist in stabilising the post before being removed).


Hydraulic Post Puller

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