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Industrial Fencing Equipment


Do you need to remove, rebuild, construct or repair fencing onsite, quickly, efficiently and effectively? Create clean and solid bore holes? Or conduct safe fence post removal? Then Hire Station has the fencing tools for you with our new Industrial Fencing Equipment category. Our new fencing tools are capable of handling almost any job with professionals in industries such as landscaping, gardening, industry fencing, contract work, forestry and much more!

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Post Driver - Petrol

The Petrol Post Driver is designed to drive fence posts and other like items into the ground. Designed with anti-vibration handles to reduce the transmission of vibrations this machine is the perfect choice for driving round posts, ground rods, form pins and tent stakes. The machine is fitted with a standard chuck and comes with adaptors to drive a range of diameters up to 63mm.

2 Stroke Strimmer

Rhino Rental-Pro Post Driver

Powered by a reliable and powerful 4-Stroke Honda powerpack our Rhino petrol post driver units have been specifically engineered to meet the requirements of both driving larger posts into the ground and a broader range of post driving applications. Our fleet of modern Petrol Post Driver machines are fitted with a range of ergonomic features including balanced handle grips, Rhino’s new CIS anti-vibration dampening system and Rhino’s Tension Grips. 

Technical Specification
Weight 15.3 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.63 litres
Performance 1720 bpm
Noise 100 dB
Height 660 mm
Post hole borer

Post Hole Borer

Petrol One Man Post Hole Borer Sometimes referred to as a Post Hole Digger, Post Hole Auger, Fence Post Auger and Fence Post Digger. Our one man petrol post hole borer machines from Stihl are designed to withstand the toughest environments.

Post Hole Borer

One-man earth auger with QuickStop drill break. 4-MIX engine with enlarged fuel tank, low-vibration handle frame, control handle with stop button, long-life air filter system, large support cushion.

  • Long-life air filter system
  • QuickStop drill brake
  • Combi-guard
  • Hip padding
  • Vibration dampening frame
Technical Specification
Engine Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.71 litres
Weight 10 kg
Noise 92 dB
Power Output 1.4kW/1.9hp

Hydraulic Post Puller

Hydraulic Post Puller – Ideal for removing fence posts, our Hydraulic Post Puller units from Postpullers, sometimes known as ‘The Fence Master Post Removal System’ or post removers, help provide easy mechanical assistant when removing stubborn fence posts from the ground.

Hydraulic Post Puller

Post Puller

Our unique post removal system is an innovative product, designed to take the strain and hard work out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes. The Post Puller machine can extract posts with heavy concrete footings in minutes which otherwise would take hours of back breaking work.

Technical Specification
Weight 1000 kg
Power 4000 kg

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