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Heavy Duty Wood Chipping Equipment


Road Towable Diesel Wood Chipper – For anyone involved in Forestry or Landscaping our Timberwolf road towable diesel wood chipper units are indispensable when comes to chipping large diameter sections of trees or foliage. Our diesel wood chippers can handle solid sections up to 160mm (6.3inch) and features a dual feed control device meaning the user is always positioned in the safe zone whilst using the equipment. Our diesel wood chipper is also equipped with Timberwolf’s unique Chip Control Function which monitors the amount of material throughput and then works with the rollers, the chipper rotor and the motor to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity whilst minimising any potential blockages

Heavy Duty Petrol Wood Chipper – Our fleet of Timberwolf TW13/75G heavy duty wood chipper machines are perfectly suited to a broad range of both Forestry and Landscaping applications. These wood chipper units are designed to run all day, every day! The compact size and design of the chipper allows them to be used in confined spaces and with a noise level just above 80dB make these ideal for use in more urbanised areas. The 13hp Honda powerpack provides enough grunt to chew through objects up to 75mm (2.9inch) in diameter and up to three quarters of a metric tonne (750kg) of material every hour! The on-board 6.5litre (1.4gallon) fuel tank provides just over 120 minutes of continuous use.

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Wood Chipper - Petrol - Heavy Duty

Designed to work all day, every day, this commercial machine is designed to chip solid wood material up to 75mm in diameter and capable of dealing with three quarters of a tonnes of brushwood per hour. Strong enough for professional use – easy enough for domestic use, the TW 13 / 75G Chipper supplied to Brandon Hire Station by Timberwolf is manufactured in Britain and boasts a design which makes it a fantastic chipper that is far capable than its size suggests.

Timberwolf TW13 Hire

Wood Chipper - Petrol

Built to cope with the full range of green garden waste this heavy duty chipper is ideal for landscapers and the domestic user.

Technical Specification
Max Power / Throughput 9.6kW / 0.75 tonnes/hr
Ave . Chip Size / Weight 9mm / 18kg
Width and Height 800mm / 1600mm
Length 1565mm with Feed Funnel
Portable Toilets Hire

Wood Chipper - Diesel Road Towable.

Timberwolf road towable hydraulic wood chippers are our most popular 'all round' choice.

You will have to take out Hired Plant Insurance before hiring our Timberwolf chippers. Our diesel wood chipper machines are sometimes referred to as a Chipper, Garden Shredder, Forest Chipper, Wood Chipper or a Garden Chipper.

  • Exceptional crushing power
  • Large chipper throat
  • Twin feed control positions
  • Easy access rotor
  • Consistent and useable wood chip

Road Towable

Indispensable for anyone involved in tree maintenance, this is a high performance 6" wood chipper has a dual feed control device situated either side of the feed funnel naturally position the user in the 'safe zone' during chipping. The chip control function is unique to Timberwolf and monitors material throughput, working with the rollers, chipper rotor and motor to unobtrusively take control only when necessary, delivering maximum productivity and ensuring blockages are a thing of the past.

Technical Specification
Max DIA. Infeed 160mm
Throughput Up to 16.9m
Weight 749kg
Average Chip Size 18mm
Length and Size 3304nn (Tray Up)

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