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Heavy Duty Wood Chipping Equipment

When undertaking your Forestry project you will eventually be left the excess mulch, wood, shrubbery and associated removed foliage. Once you’ve used one of our petrol chainsaw units to cut down and chop up your tree and one of our petrol brush cutter machines to clear and tidy the area you will need to dispose of the left over material. So no matter if you need to chip, shred or split Hire Station has you covered with our new range of Heavy Duty Wood Chipping Equipment. Our new category of wood chipping tools are ideal for industries such as Forestry, Forestry Clearing, Landscaping, Heavy Gardening and much more!

Good quality tools and equipment are always our main aim and so here at Hire Station we only provide you with the most industrial strength equipment available, meaning there isn’t much our tools can’t tackle, giving you complete peace of mind when hiring our heavy duty wood chipping equipment. Added to this is our modern fleet of delivery vehicles and knowledgeable staff which gives you the option of having your tools delivered to a staging area, a short trip from your main job site or we can deliver the equipment directly into the action zone!

Within our new Heavy Duty Wood Chipping Equipment category are tools such as:

Road Towable Diesel Wood Chipper – For anyone involved in Forestry or Landscaping our Timberwolf road towable diesel wood chipper units are indispensable when comes to chipping large diameter sections of trees or foliage. Our diesel wood chippers can handle solid sections up to 160mm (6.3inch) and features a dual feed control device meaning the user is always positioned in the safe zone whilst using the equipment. Our diesel wood chipper is also equipped with Timberwolf’s unique ‘Chip Control Function’ which monitors the amount of material throughput and then works with the rollers, the chipper rotor and the motor to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity whilst minimising any potential blockages. Fitted with full sized tyres, a low centre of gravity and excellent ground clearance our Timberwolf road towable diesel wood chipper machines really are a piece of ‘Go anywhere’ equipment. You will need ‘Hired in Plant Insurance’ before hiring our Timberwolf chippers. Our diesel wood chipper machines are sometimes referred to as a ‘Chipper’, ‘Garden Shredder’, ‘Forest Chipper’, ‘Wood Chipper’ or a ‘Garden Chipper’.

240V Hydraulic Log Splitter – Constructed by Iris our new 240V hydraulic log splitter machines are a brand new addition to our hire fleet and a fantastic addition to our heavy duty wood chipping equipment category. These machines are sometime referred to as a ‘Wood Splitter’ or ‘Log Cutter’ and are the perfect machines when you need you are looking out for log splitter hire. These machines are ideal when you need to chop logs into more manageable chunks, great for the production of wood for log burners. The heavy duty splitting bed can exert 8 metric tonnes (8000kg) of hydraulic splitting force making easy work of most wood logs up to 520mm (20inch). With a cycle speed of only 14 seconds, our Iris hydraulic log splitter machines can split over 250 logs per hour! The 240V power supply allows our log splitters to be used in every environment from onsite industrial scenarios in woodland areas and even at somebodies property as part of contract work.

Heavy Duty Petrol Wood Chipper – Yet another brand new addition to our fleet, our Timberwolf TW13/75G heavy duty wood chipper machines are perfectly suited a broad range of both Forestry and Landscaping applications. These new wood chipper units were designed to run all day, every day! The compact size and design of the chipper allows them to be used in confined spaces and with a noise level just above 80dB make these ideal for use in more urbanised areas. The 13hp Honda powerpack provides enough grunt to chew through objects up to 75mm (2.9inch) in diameter and up to three quarters of a metric tonne (750kg) of material every hour! The on-board 6.5litre (1.4gallon) fuel tank provides just over 120 minutes of continuous use. Our Timberland wood chipper machines are sometimes referred to as a ‘Wood Shredder’, ‘Tree shredder’, ‘Garden Chipper’, ‘Garden Shredder’, ‘Tree Chipper’ or ‘Garden Mulcher’.

To view our range of Heavy Duty Wood Chipping Equipment simply click on the interactive product tiles below!

Road Towable Diesel Wood Chipper
240V Hydraulic Log Splitter
Heavy Duty Petrol Wood Chipper

How 2 Safety Tips – Road Towable Wood Chipper, Hydraulic Log Splitter, Heavy Duty Petrol Chipper

When using our machines you must always take care so as to not place yourself or anybody else in danger whilst the machine is in use. Wood Chippers are fitted with extremely sharp teeth and are in the same realm as chainsaws. The hydraulic log splitter is just as dangerous due to the immense amount of pressure (8 metric tonnes) which can be placed upon the material which is to be split.

To help prevent accidents in the work place we have devised some basic safety tips you can implement to provide as safe a working environment as possible.

Diesel Road Towable and Petrol Heavy Duty Chippers

Chippers will feed material into the chipping chamber on their own. To do this the chipper relies on very sharp blades known as ‘teeth’ located on the feeder rollers and the chippers rotor. We advise you make sure of 2 main aspects when feeding material into the chipper:

  1. Never work alone! Most accidents involving chippers occur whilst workers are on their own with nobody around to help in a crisis.
  2. Look at what you're doing. Again accidents are caused when workers are feeding material into the chipper but looking at either another load arriving or some other part of the machine.

In 2015 a 33 year old worker was killed whilst working alone on a two acre job site. The worker was loading tree trunks into a chipper whilst his co-workers brought fresh loads to the machine. Upon hearing some unusual noises the site supervisor inspected the machine only to find the workers remains beside the chipper.

Having been working alone nobody was present to witness the accident and so it is theorised he either lost balance whilst feeding material into the chipper or his gloves became caught by the feed rollers.

When using our wood chipper machines never feed them with muddy or dirty wood, stones, brick work, metal and even roots as this could potentially damage the rotor and blunt the teeth.


Always keep a look out and stay safe with Hire Station

Additional Safety Tips

  • Never reach into a chipper whilst it is operating or on wind down.
  • Never wear loose fitting clothing or anything that could potentially snag against the machine.
  • Always wear the correct amount of PPE (here at Hire Station we recommend protective clothing, hard hat head protection, safety gloves, safety boots, ear defenders and eye protection (in the form of goggles or full face masks).
  • Never work alone! You should always make sure new workers are fully trained and supervised at all times whilst onsite.
  • When servicing or conducting maintenance of the chipper (i.e. unjamming), use a ‘lockout’ system to dis-engage the equipment.
  • Always be aware of your surrounds, make sure nobody who isn’t necessary to the operation of the machine is near it. We recommend a ‘Working Zone’ of 3m (9.8feet).
  • Mind your material. During the shredding process the material, whether it is locks, branches etc. may jerk about in the chamber as the machines turns them to mulch. Be careful not to get hit or whipped by agitated foliage.

If you have an addition questions or queries relating to either our products or the process of hiring our tools and equipment then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Simply contact us here and one of our highly trained hire team members will get back to you to help solves any problems you have.

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