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Forestry Clearing

Do you need to clear large areas professionally and efficiently? Dig trench work for pipes and cabling? Or remove large quantities of earth? Then Hire Station has the tools for you with our new range of Forestry brush cutters, dumpers and diggers! Having strong, robust and reliable tools is always our main aim and so within our new Forestry Clearing category all of our equipment is industrial grade, capable of handling almost any situation that they are presented with!

No matter if you need to cut down tall grass, removal thick bushes, cut back over grown vegetation and foliage, dig access trenches, clear landscapes or simply remove all the excess you’ve just created then we have the tools for you. With our equipment being available to you all year round and since we can deliver your orders either to your main staging area or directly on-site there is never a landscaping situation we can’t help with!

What we have available is a dedicated range of Forestry Clearing equipment that includes:

2 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutters – within our fleet are both Stihl brush cutter units and Husqvarna brush cutter units. Our Husqvarna machines are fitted with X-Torq engine that provide more torque across a broader RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) range helping deliver maximum cutting power. Our Stihl brush cutter machines feature Stihl’s advanced ‘Reduced Emission Engine Technology’. This creates a fuel-free layer of air in between the fresh, clean air in the crankcase and burned charge (exhaust gas) within the combustion chamber which reduces the amount of lost fuel during the charge cycle. Other features for both of our brush cutters include adjustable handle bars, smart start that reduces cord resistance by 40%, vibration absorbent dampers, auto return stop switch, winter setting controls (perfect for all year round use), long life air filter and much more!

4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutters – our Makita brush cutter units are powered by a reliable and powerful 43cc 4 stroke petrol engine that provides a consistently high power output allowing you to power through even the thickest and densest of forestry foliage. The mini 4-stroke petrol engine is located on four rubber mounts which effectively separate the combustion engine and the drive-train from the handlebar controls creating a ‘buffer’; this has the effective of transmitting less vibration into the operator. Our Makita brush cutter units also have a fully adjustable and tool-less ‘bull horn’ style handles complete with soft but durable rubberised grips for the best combination of safe, practical handling and a comfortable stance, which makes them ideal when being used for prolonged periods of time.

JCB Dumper Truck – our Narrow Dumper Trucks, sometimes referred to as a ‘Mini Dumper’ from JCB are perfect for moving medium sized loads in bulk. The naturally narrow width of the machine allows it to fit through the tightest of spaces, added to over 240mm of ground clearance and a low centre of gravity our mini dumper trucks really can go anywhere and do almost anything. With a skip that can contain either 338 litres of water OR 577 litres of heaped material (rubble, earth, gravel etc.) there isn’t much our dumper trucks can’t deal with! The large heaped skip, small turning circle, high-speed operation and efficient transmission helps make our JCB dumpers the best around and ideal for use in forestry environments such as forestry clearing and landscaping.

JCB Micro Digger – our micro digger units from JCB are the most powerful of machines in there class on the market. This combined with the machines narrow width allows our micro diggers to excel in areas with restricted access such as within buildings, small gardens, landscapes or clearing zones with limited space. With all of the machines functions operating independently, you or your staff will need minimal training before using the equipment; a massive boost for fast paced working environments such as Forestry and Landscaping.

JCB Mini Digger – also known as a ‘mini excavator’ or a ‘small digger’, our JCB mini digger units provide ample power and stability allowing you to tackle even the most demanding of tasks including creating channels for pipework, the removal of tree trunks and even the excavation of earth to clear paths, level landscapes or build  temporary barriers etc. The lower sections of the door are constructed from steel helping prevent expensive glass breakages. Our JCB mini digger machines also use the latest O-ring face trapezoidal seal hydraulic systems which helps minimise leaks.

To view our range of Forestry Clearing and Landscaping tools simply click on the interactive product tile below to be taken through to a full technical specification, hire rates, an image library and much more!

2 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter
4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter
JCB Narrow Dumper Truck
JCB Micro Digger
JCB Mini Digger
2 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter
4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter
JCB Narrow Dumper Truck
JCB Micro Digger
JCB Mini Digger

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke, which to pick for Forestry and Landscaping?

When selecting petroleum derivative powered machines such as brush cutters you will more often than not be shown two separate engine version; these are 2 Stroke engines and 4 Stroke engines.

Whilst both highly common in not only the Forestry and Landscaping sectors but also in other gardening equipment, general tool hire, Mopeds, Scooters and even some cars, the debate as which is better, two stroke or four stroke, has rumbled on for some time but which is actually better?

Well to start off we best see what a two stroke and four stroke engine actually is. Below you will find how 2 and 4 stroke engines work as well as there differences and the advantages of each engine style.

2-Stroke Forestry and Landscaping Petrol Engine

2 Stroke Petrol Engine

A 2-Stroke engine, sometimes referred to as a two-cycle engine, is a form of internal combustion engine which has a full power cycle with two strokes (an upward and downward movement) of the piston for every one revolution of the crankshaft. 2 stroke engines use a 4-part process for the creation of power; ‘Intake’ Compression’, ‘Combustion’ and ‘Exhaust’ which is sometimes referred to as ‘Suck’, ‘Squeeze’, ‘Bang’, ‘Blow’, but unlike conventional 4 stroke engines the entire process is completed in 2 movements of the piston, not 4.

During the stages of the power cycles (intake, compression, combustion and exhaust) the end of the combustion rotation and beginning of the compression cycle happen simultaneously whilst the intake and exhaust operations also occur concurrently.

The cycle within a 2-Stroke engine mimics the following format:

  1. As the piston descends towards BDC (Bottom Dead Centre) both ‘Intake’ and ‘Exhaust’ valves open allowing for both the burnt exhaust gases to be removed from the combustion chamber and a fresh mix of fuel, air and 2-stroke oil to be brought into the chamber.
  2. Then as the piston rises towards TDC (Top Dead Centre) the ‘Compression’ and ‘Combustion’ processes happen, igniting the fuel mixture and providing both the power to run the machine (in this case our Forestry and Landscaping 2 Stroke Petrol brush Cutter) and perform another revolution of the crankshaft.

A 4-Stroke engine, sometimes referred to as a four-cycle engine, is a form of internal combustion engine which has a full power cycle with 4 movements of the piston for every one revolution of the crankshaft.

A four Stroke engines work on a 4-part process known as ‘Intake, Compression, Combustion and Exhaust’ but sometimes colloquially called  ‘Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow’.

  1. Firstly whilst the piston is located at what is called TDC (Top Dead Centre) mixture of fuel and air is brought into the combustion chamber as the piston descends via vacuum pressure; this is the ‘Intake’ or ‘Suck’ process.
  2. Second the mixture is compressed in preparation for combustion as the piston travels up the chamber; this is the ‘Compression’ or ‘Squeeze’ process. As this happens, both the intake and exhaust valves are shut.
  3. Next the mixture is ignited via spark provided by the engines spark plug and the mixture explodes; this is known as the ‘Combustion’ or ‘Bang’ process. At this moment the crankshaft has completed an entire 360 degree revolution. The explosive force of the ignited mixture forces the piston back down producing the mechanical action needed to rotate the crankshaft in our Forestry and Landscaping machines.
  4. Lastly the burn fuel is directed out the chamber and away from the engine; this is known as the ‘Exhaust’ or ‘Blow’ process. Here the piston is situated in what is called BDC (Bottom Dead Centre).This action removes the combusted air-fuel mixture through the exhaust valve.

Most handheld Forestry and Landscaping machines will use either of these powerpacks as they provide great power and performance at an affordable cost. Here at Hire Station our Forestry and Landscaping equipment is available to you whenever you need it.

4-Stroke Forestry and Landscaping Petrol Engine

4 Stroke Petrol Engine

What are the advantages of 2-Stroke Forestry and Landscaping engines?

  • They are very simply to construct, mainly due their lack of valves (the mechanical devices used to facilitate the engines 'Intake' and 'Exhaust' functions).
  • Two Stroke engines fire once EVERY revolution which can allow comparable 2 Stroke engines to produce as much as twice the amount of power.
  • They contain fewer parts and so are not only lighter and more compact but are also cheaper to manufacture, a cost which is passed on to the end consumer.
  • Due to there compact size and lightweight they have a high Power-to-Weight ratio.
  • The engine runs balanced due to a light flywheel and less rotational momentum. 

What are the advantages of 4-Stroke Forestry and Landscaping engines?

  • Due to having a dedicated lubrication system the internal components are allowed to wear out slower meaning the engine will last longer in harsh environments such as Forestry and Landscaping.
  • A four stroke engine is not only much more fuel efficient but performs a complete combustion cycle of the fuel, helping to decrease operating costs.
  • The units produce less noise which helps limit the amount of noise pollution that may disturb nearby residential area or other working areas.
  • The powerpacks normally have a broader power-range (the RPM range at which maximum power is delivered).

So which shall I select to work with?

Now you have all the information all you need to is select the tool you need. Due to their increased life span, broader power range and less noise our account customers prefer our 4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter machines when working near residential locations such as parks, small woodland areas and dense foliage near houses or business building.

When working further away from the mainstream populous our 2-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter machines are an equal match for there 4-stroke brothers as the increased noise doesn’t pose a threat. The more balanced vibration allow Stihl and Husqvarna units to be used for longer without suffering adverse HAV effects in environments such as Forestry Clearing, landscaping and the maintenance of grass verges beside motorways and slip roads.

So no matter which machine you chose to hire you’ll receive a quality, robust, reliable and easy to use machine capable of handling any situation you can throw at it. If you have any questions regarding the use of our hire equipment in your forestry clearing and landscaping project or for any further information regarding our Brush Cutter units please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly Hire Station staff will be happy to help.

JCB Dumpers and Excavators with Hire station

Compact Excavators, also known as mini diggers, micro diggers or mini excavators are large pieces of industrial equipment that can be used for both construction and demolition projects such as digging holes, forestry clearing, creating trenches, flattening or removing landscapes, creating ditches for irrigation and can even be used as snowploughs. They can not only make your jobs easier to complete but also safer. It is very important to remember that to operate one of our machines you must be trained and competent. These machines maybe small when compared the equipment in there market sector but they can still be dangerous if used incorrectly.

You should always familiarise yourself with the controls of the machine before you start working. If you have any questions about your equipment please do not hesitate to ask your Hire Station driver who is delivering your equipment to you or if you find yourself in difficulty afterwards then simply contact us and one of our knowledgeably and friendly Hire Station staff members will be on hand to help you. To help minimise any risk to both yourself, your workers and any other bodies within the localised area we have created a set of standard procedures that you will be told during the handover process when you hire the equipment. The delivering driver will perform a demonstration on how to use the machinery following our ‘Handover Checklist’. Simply click here to view an example of our 'Handover Checklist' used when hiring our JCB Mini Diggers.


Dumper Truck Safety

Never cut corners!

A contractor was fined a total of over £140,000 for two separate offences on consecutive days that were so severe the Magistrates Court refused to hear the case and sent it straight to Crown Court. In a vain attempt to complete a contract on time basic background and competence checks were ignored allowing untrained labourers and drivers to control machinery onsite with one dumper truck ‘driver’ not even possessing a provisional driving license. Another factor was the onsite downward slip was averaged at 1 in 3.5 (for every inch you travel horizontally you would descend 3.5 inches) which was below the maximum allowed for use with dumpers, which was 1 in 4.

The first incident followed the worksite foreman giving an incorrect demonstration to an untrained and unlicensed labourer which led to the dumper tipping over and throwing the driver clear, luckily he only received minor injuries but did not drive onsite again.

The next day a labourer who had no experience at driving any vehicle at all (he didn’t even possess a provisional license) was asked to drive the dumper. When he attempted to use the onsite slopes the dumper truck overturned and he was unfortunately killed.

Both incidents could have been easily prevented by correctly demonstrating how the equipment worked AND employing fully licensed, training and competent workers. The contractor was convicted under 'Section 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974' for failing to ensure that were not at risk in the workplace.

JCB Insurance

When hiring our plant equipment you must be fully insured with a valid ‘Hired in Plant Insurance’ policy. If you already have this you will need to provide proof before the equipment is delivered.

If you do not have ‘Hire in Plant Insurance’ then don’t worry as this can be obtained via our partners at JCB. When viewing the product you will receive a friendly prompt at the base of the page asking if you have/need ‘Hire in Plant Insurance’, click this prompt and you will be taken through to JCB’s dedicated Hire Station insurance website. Once here you will then be guided through the insurance quote process.

If the policy is successfully accepted and created JCB with then provide certification to Hire Station which will be shared to the relevant departments. A deposit will then be taken which will be either £250 or 10% of the entire hire value (whichever is greater). The next step for the customer will be receipt of your order which will go through the normal ID and handover procedures as normal.

The handover and signature to release the goods from our staff MUST be completed by the same person who's name resides on the insurance policy. If you wish to further extend your hire beyond its original end date you will need to contact Hire station to confirm that the equipment is still insured or whether an alteration/extension to your insurance policy is required. To comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy we will arrange collection of the equipment within 48 hours of your intended ‘off-hire’ date.

If you have any questions which relate to our JCB ‘Hired in Plant Insurance’ please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly and experienced Hire Station personnel will be on hand to help.

Look our for our JCB Insurance logo

Look out for our JCB Insurance logo on our products


Digger accessories from Hire Station

Digger Accessories from Hire Station

As well as providing you with top quality JCB machinery, here at Hire station we can also offer you a range of accessories and extras which could help you during your project.

For our JCB Micro Digger machines this consists of our 230mm (9 inch), 300mm (12 inch) and 460mm (18 inch) toothed buckets as well as our 300mm (12 inch), 710mm (28 inch) and 760mm (30 inch) toothless grading buckets.

With our JCB Mini Digger units you can chose from our 300mm (12 inch), 460mm (18 inch) and 610mm (24 inch) toothed buckets as well as our 915mm (36 inch) toothless grading buckets.

With both our JCB Micro Digger and Mini Digger machines you can also select our 12 x 600 x 2410mm and 12 x 1200 x 2410mm ground protection mats from EuroMat which help minimise damage to ground beneath the heavy equipment.

Here at Hire Station we can also provide ground protection mat connectors allowing you to assemble several mats together to help protect larger areas.

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