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Flood Recovery and Restoration

What to do after a flood

Ever year parts of the UK experience terrible flooding and are left needing to repair the flood damage. As well as natural disasters numerous households throughout the UK experience washing machines floods results with both scenarios resulting in hundred, possibly thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home, office space, warehouse etc. Here at Brandon Hire Station when the floods strike or the washing machine lets go we have the equipment you'll need to repair your flooded home. Our professional and quality equipment is ideal for flood repair and is available on hand whenever disaster strikes! So don't wait, if you need help, Brandon Hire Station is always on hand to support you!

Main Action Points

Whenever heavy wind and rain decides to appear there is always the chance your house, garage, office space or retail area may become flooded. Location situated near boggy ground, rivers / canals or built on ground with poor drainage are always susceptible to the possibility of being breached by the weather. If in the unfortunate situation that your property is flooded, Brandon Hire Station has put together a simple to follow ‘key action point’ plan for such an eventuality. On top of this you can easily find the correct equipment that you’ll need to assist in the recovery.

1. Switch off all power and gas at the mains

This is important as shutting off the gas and electrical supply will help keep any risks of explosions / fires and electrical incidents to a minimum.

2. Remove as much standing water as you can

Your first step should be to pump as much out of the room(s) as possible. You can achieve this with either of our readily available pumps: Our 110V submersible pump or our 110V Puddle Pump.

3. Open all the windows and doors to properly ventilate the affected area

Opening all the windows and doors will allow large amounts of air to rush through the flooded areas, delivering a powerful sheet of drying air to the walls, floors and ceilings which will quite literally blow the moisture away from the surface.

As well as the natural force of the air you can hire our Our 240V carpet dryer which will direct air directly on to the flooded areas. As an alternative you could hire one of our our industrial fans to use in combination with the floor dryer.

4. Dry out the affected area

Whilst using our Carpet Dryers and Industrial Fans you will also want to place between 1 and 3 dehumidifiers (depending ont he size of the room) in the area. They will capture the moisture in the air and condense it back into water for disposal.

Here at Hire Station both our medium dehumidifiers and large dehumidifiers are perfect for removing a minimum of 12 litres of water every day. It is advisable to also use heaters to raise the temperature of the room and aid in the evaporation of the trapped fluids. You can do this with either our 240V 3kW infrared radiant heater or our 240V 2.8kW industrial fan heater.

It should be noted that to use dehumidifiers and heaters to there best effect you must shut all windows and doors. We therefore recommend starting this step no earlier than 24 hours after you have initiated the open air drying.

5. Clean and disinfect the affected area

After you have experienced water damage from either a flood or even a broken washing machine water bourne bacteria and germs can spread very quickly throughout the affected area and beyond (e.g. more office space or other rooms of your home). Thorough cleaning of all surfaces including walls and floors will help prevent further spreading of any harmful whilst also removing the current build up. To aid in this process Hire Station has a range of UK produced and 100% chemical free cleaning fluids for use with our carpet cleaner that are designed to eradicate bacteria and bad odors. These are readily available from any of our branches as well as optional accessories when hiring our kit.

6. Monitor the Progress

We recommend using a damp meter to monitor and track the drying progress of the affected areas. It is important to remember that objects may feel dry to the touch but still be wet underneath (particularly walls and the underlay of carpet).

7. Maintain the air quality and flow

In the following 7-10 days after you have cleaned and dried the affected areas you need to maintain the air flow and quality to make sure that both fresh air is delivered into the area but also bacteria and mold spores do not have a chance to settle.

Top Tips

If you're ever hit but a flood or extensive water damage there are a number of simple steps you can follow to help ease the process of recovering from the incident.

1. Record all flood / water damage with both written notes, pictures and videos (if possible). This will both act as evidence when submitted to your insurance provider and will be useful to show potential repair contractors or tool hire companies when sourcing equipment to help repair and clean up the affected area.

2. If the water has covered sentimental photos or important paperwork and documents DO NOT try and dry them out. Pick the item up and allow it to drain before placing the item in a plastic bag and putting it inside the freezer. The dehydration process will pull the water out of the paper. This process can take up to 2 weeks to be fully effective BUT as an interim measure could protect the documents long enough before you can get them to specialist.

3. Once your water has been reconnected to the house allow your taps to run for several minutes. This will help flush any dirt and gunge out of the system that may have accumulated during the flood. If afterwards you are still unsure about the quality or safety of your water supply please contact your water supplier ASAP!

4. If the content of your house, particularly clothing, bedding, sofa covers, curtains and carpets it is advisable to clean these more than once to remove and dirt and bacteria. For your sofa covers and carpets hiring our 240V domestic carpet cleaner will provide you with a cheap, effective and easy to use solutions. On top of this we have a range of dedicated cleaning fluids that 100% chemical free, produced in the UK and are ready for use with our carpet cleaners! These are available from any of our network of branches located throughout the UK or you can simply add them to your order when hiring one of our carpet cleaners! 

If you have experienced flood damage or had your washing machine leak and need some extra advice or help then please don't hesitate to contact us and one for your friendly hire team will be on hand to help you with your requirements. Simple use the button below to contact us, find your local branch or access our carpet cleaner 'How 2' guide.

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