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How to Clean Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Guide

Hiring a carpet cleaner from Hire Station? Get the best results from using the machines with our handy guide on how to clean your carpets and give them a new lease of life. 

Many mistakes can be made when cleaning your carpets, therefore it is essential to know what to do, and how to perform the task correctly to ensure you get the best results. Our complete guide will take you through each vital step in how to setup your room, prepare your carpets and ensure you get the best results when cleaning your carpets.

This guide will take you through:

  • Preparing the carpet
  • Preparing your room
  • Carpet pre-treatment
  • Setup of the machine
  • The cleaning process
  • Final results

By following the guide you will get the best results and avoid issues such as over-wetting your carpets and reduce the risks of issues occurring during the cleaning process. This guide will ensure your carpet cleaning experience is efficient and gives you the best results possible. However if you are unsure on how to operate the machine or have any issues then please read the instructions that came with the machine, or not sure if the standard carpet cleaner or the upright carpet cleaner is best for you? Contact us for advice.

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Carpet Cleaner

STEP 1: Preparing your room

The first steps are to ensure your room is completely clean from any items that can be potentially damaged by the carpet cleaner or the cleaning process.

When you are ready to start the carpet cleaning process, it is essential to remove all items from the room. That includes all tables, sofas, chairs and anything else that can easily be removed or stored in another room while the room is cleaned. This helps you get a thorough clean of your carpet and ensure that all the dirt, dust and any stains are removed easily.

STEP 2: Preparing your carpets

In order to ensure you get the best results from your machine, it is important to prepare your carpet in the correct manner.

For a more effective clean on your carpet, it is essential to remove the surface dirt and dust. This is best achieved via a vacuum cleaner. That way your carpet cleaner is able to get deep into your carpet pile and give a thorough deep clean. It is important to clean all the areas that you plan to clean and remove anything that may cause a potential blockage within the machine when cleaning.

STEP 3: Carpet pre-treatment

In some cases you may need to pre-treat your carpet with certain cleaning products.

Depending on the area that you wish to clean, you may need to apply certain pre-treatment solutions to ensure the stain or area is cleaned efficiently. For example this traffic lane cleaner is ideal for hallways or stairways and should be sprayed onto the carpet an hour before cleaning commences. Other pre-treatment solutions are available, for example 'Spot Stain Remover' which is ideal for applying to heavily stained areas of carpet to ensure a thorough clean.

STEP 4: Preparing the machine

Once your room is all prepared it is time to prepare your machine ready for the cleaning process.

When your room is clear from any furniture and any pre-treatment has been applied to the carpet (if needed), the next step in the process is to start setting up the machine ready for cleaning.

  • Firstly ensure that the machine is clear from any plastic or polystyrene.
  • Next, remove the clear lid from the wastewater tank, and remove the tank from the machine.
  • Fill the fresh water reservoir with warm water (not boiling as this may damage the machine).
  • Add the required cleaning detergent or carpet cleaning shampoo as stated by the manufacturer, ensuring not to exceed the 'MAX' mark.
  • Attach the suction pipe to the floor nozzle and hand tighten to the desired position.
  • If not already done so, attached the suction hose into the suction hose connector on the appliance.
  • Plug the machine into the mains plug.

STEP 5: The cleaning process

Now you are all setup, it is time to start the cleaning process.

When the cleaning solution has been added and your machine is ready to be used, it is time to start the cleaning process:

  • Press the yellow suction button to turn on the suction turbine.
  • Press the yellow spray switch to switch on the spray pump, the machine is now ready to use.
  • Use the lever on the manifold in order to spray the cleaning solution onto the carpet.
  • Run across the surface of the carpet to be cleaned in overlapping paths. Pull the nozzle towards you while pressing the trigger to apply the cleaning solution - (do not push)
  • Repeat the process again without pressing the trigger to suck up any dirty water that may be left behind.
  • Continue across the whole area of the carpet until the cleaning is complete.

STEP 6: Post cleaning process

When the cleaning is complete it is time to power down and tidy the machine away.

Now that your carpets have been cleaned, it is essential to power down the machine correctly and ensure it is cleaned thoroughly.

  • Switch off the yellow suction and spray switches.
  • Remove the clear lid from the wasterwater container.
  • Remove the container containing the dirty water and drain.
  • Separate the nozzle from the spray/suction hose.
  • Place the suction hose into the fresh water reservoir and turn on the suction turbine to clear any excess water.
  • Next turn off & and unplug the machine and press the trigger on the nozzle to release any pressure that may be in the machine.
  • Leave the unit to fully dry before storing or packing away.
  • Do not step on cleaned surfaces until they have dried and do not place any furniture on the carpet to avoid pressure spots or risk of rust stains.

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