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How 2 erect a fence

How 2 Erect a Fence

When building a garden boundary, the most effective method is to erect a fence. Fencing is a cheaper alternative to building a wall and is a fairly simple operation if you have the correct tools.

Fence panels are most commonly 6ft wide and vary in height, to get the right amount of panels for your garden simply measure the length of the location and divide it by the width of your panels.

Before you start the process, make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the desired location for the fence. Also make sure there are no water pipes or cabling in the ground where your posts will be located.

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Step 1

Deciding on what type of fence you need is important, there are a number of different options for you to choose from. Including 'Closeboard' and 'Trellis'. When you have decided on the right fence for your needs, you then need to choose the correct posts to match your desired panels.

  • Concrete posts - these are the sturdiest posts available, however the work required to fit the posts is greater.
  • Wood posts - these posts are buried into the ground, which provides a sturdy construction, however they are more liable to rot when in the ground.
  • Metal posts - these are the quickest of the posts to install offer just as much stability as the other options.

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

Step 2

Depending on the size of the fence panels you choose, will determine the type of posts you require to hold the panels in position and keep them sturdy.

If you decide on Wooden posts, and use a post spike, then a 6ft fence will require 6ft posts. If you decide to bury the wooden posts in concrete, then 8ft posts are required due to the extra 2ft depth required for stability. If post spikes are chosen it is important to check for any pipe work or electrical cables under the ground as they go down a depth of 1.5ft into the ground.

The post size that is recommended for over 6ft is 4in x 4in, anything that is less than 6ft is recommended at 3in x 3in.

Step 3

Next it is important to determine how many panels you will need for your fence. The standard fence panel is 6ft x 6ft. To see how many panels you require, first measure the length of the area where the fence will be located and divide the length by the width of the panels.

For example: An area of 42ft with 6ft panels would be: 42 ÷ 6 = 7 fence panels.

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

Step 4

Before you start work on your fence, be sure to clear away any debris that may obstruct your working area. Another tip is to make sure the fence panels are treated with any rot and insect repellent, most panels come treated, but any panels that are sawn to shape will need treatment on the cut area.

Next mark out where the fence will be located with string and mark out where your first post will be located.

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

Step 5

If you decided on metal spikes, make a small hole when the spike will enter the ground, then place a piece of wood into the socket of the spike and sledge hammer the spike into the ground until the socket is level with the ground. Check it is perfectly straight with a spirit level, as it will probably go offline during the installation.

If you decide on a concrete base, then the hole that you make for the post should be three times greater than the post width. For example a 4in post, should be in a hole 12in wide and should be at least 2ft deep. Use the string as a guide and dig a hole for each post using either a post-hole borer or a garden spade.

Next place a small amount of hardcore into the hole to hold the post in place, and then fill the hole with concrete. The concrete should be filled to just above ground level, and smoothed off with a trowel. Check the post is vertical and hold it in position using battens until the concrete sets. Leave the concrete to set for at least 4 hours until you attempt to fit the fence panels.

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

Step 6

When fitting the fence panels, make sure there is a gap between the ground and the bottom of the panel; this will reduce the risk of the panel rotting. The gap can be filled with a gravel board if needed.

Next screw each panel into the posts using U-shaped post clips, make sure to use stainless steel screws so it reduces the risk of rust. Repeat this step for each panel, working your way along the fence line.

When all the panels are in place, add post caps to your fence posts to finish off, if any posts are higher than others, simply trim it down with a saw then attach the cap. To ensure your panels are long lasting, it is essential to apply coating every few years.

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

How erect a fence

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