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How 2 guides

We understand DIY can be both daunting and difficult...

This is why we have formed helpful 'how to guides' to help you complete jobs inside, outside and around the house with ease.

Our guides are full of useful information and tips to help you not only with your hire item but every day tasks as well to ensure you get the best out of your tools.

We have a range of 'How 2 Guides' available, and cover various topics, for example our ‘How 2 remove stains’ guide is ideal for assisting you in removing pesky stains from substances such as food, dirt, alcohol and much more.

The carpet cleaning guide is perfect for use in tandem with our 240V domestic carpet cleaner and chemical free cleaning fluid solutions. With our pressure washers producing up to 2900 PSI not much can withstand their cleaning force and so our ‘How 2 guide' for our door jetting is easy to follow. Our floor sanding guide works in conjunction with our electric floor sander to help provide you with a smooth and professional finish on most wooden floors!

Take a look at our 'How 2 Guides' today and complete your jobs with ease.

How to create planting beds

How To Landscape A Garden Bed

Landscaping a garden can be a big job, but it’s also a really fun one too. You can decide on new layouts, play about with various plants, introduce focal points and more.

How to erect scaffolding

How To Erect And Dismantle A Scaffolding Tower

When building and dismantling a scaffold tower, it’s really important that it’s done safely to keep yourself, your co-workers and members of the public free from harm.

How To Level A Steep Garden Slope

How To Level A Steep Garden Slope

Levelling a garden can be tricky without the right tools. Here, Brandon Hire Station covers everything you need to know about levelling a sloped garden.

Stain Removal

Stain Remover Guide

It doesn't matter how careful you try to be or where you are, either in the home or in the office, your carpets will find a way to get dirty.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Guide

Hiring a carpet cleaner from Hire Station? Get the best results from using the machines with our handy guide on how to clean your carpets and give them a new lease of life.

Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning Guide

Bring back the beauty of your patio, driveway or virtually any concrete surface with the clean and easy to use range of pressure washers we offer.

floor Sander

Floor Sanding Guide

Here at Hire Station we offer an extensive range of floor sanding tools from universal floor sanders to electronic edging sanders.


How 2 - Aerate Your Lawn

After a harsh and cold winter your grass/lawn will be desperate for a good rejuvenation.

Cement Mixing

How 2 - Cement Mixing

Mixing concrete or cement by hand is very labour intensive and is only really suitable for small quantities, mixing with a mixer is much easier...


How 2 - Rotavating Your Garden

When using horticultural equipment there is a range of specialised tools available to you that allow you to create a professional finish...

Vibration Plate Guide

How 2 - Vibration Plate Guide

If you need to deal with loose gravel, uneven dirt or particularly sandy area the Wacker plate is your ideal equipment!...

Turf Cutter

How 2 - Turf Cutter Guide

Is your garden looking tired and in need of some TLC? With spring just around the corner it’s the perfect time to begin planning the rejuvenation of your garden!

Fencing Guide

How 2 - Fencing Guide

When building a garden boundary, the most effective method is to erect a fence.


How 2 - Putting a Blind

Adding a blind to a window can add to the decor of a room, or add privacy, whichever one you are looking for, fitting a blind can be a simple task...


How 2 - Wallpapering Guide

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get a neat finish to your room by wallpapering correctly.

Laminate flooring

How 2 - Laminate Guide

Laminate flooring is a great way to update or finish off a room, with a cost saving solution to wooden floor boards, it is easy to maintain and easy to fit.

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