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Hire Station's symbols explained

Here at Hire Station we use an easy to follow symbol system to help identify key aspects to your hire such a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), transportation requirements, tool usage and much more. Our symbol system was produced to help our customers understand all of the essential requirements for using your hired equipment. These safety symbols added to our product descriptions and listed technical data help you make the correct decision when choosing your equipment for hire.

At the bottom of each product you will see symbols that apply to that specific product, please see below.


Hire Station symbol example

As you can see here this product has eight symbols underneath the product description. This means it has/requires you to be equipped with the following and to be aware of(in order from left to right):

  • Eye protection
  • Protective gloves
  • A red vibration rate
  • A breathing mask
  • Ear defenders 
  • Will fit in the boot of an estate car.

Each product on Hire Station's website has every relevant symbol attached to it. At Hire Station we have divided our symbols into 4 separate identifiable categories:

  1. Personal safety - this covers foot wear, gloves, clothing etc. as well as varying degrees of breathing protection.
  2. Transport - this is most effective when seeing if you are able to collect your hire or have it delivered by one of our experienced & highly qualified delivery teams.
  3. Tool usage - this covers our 3 tier vibrations rate system, whether or not you need dust extraction units, safety hooks etc.
  4. Equipment - this covers information in relation to equipment power supplies etc.

Below is our 4 detailed symbol divisions. Simply locate your symbol/s to acquire its definition.

Protective glovesProtective gloves – We advise you use glove protection such as gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for your hands.

Safety footwearSafety footwear – We advise our customers to use safety footwear that complies with BS EN 345 standards for toe protection.

Safety helmetSafety helmets – These protect your head from stray objects, debris and other shrapnel whilst lessening or even preventing a head injury. Safety helmets are compulsory on all construction sites.

Eye protectionEye protection – We advise using the maximum grade available that conforms to EN 166.B specifications. Less hazardous work may be achievable with grade 2 safety spectacles.

Ear defendersEar defenders – These help guard against the increasingly common effects of high levels of noise. Ear plug are usually adequate for short-term medium volume work.

Breathing mask overviewBreathing masks* – General purpose masks are graded through abilities 1-3 in compliance with COSH and European standards of P3 and FFP3.

Breathing mask 1Breathing masks grade 1* – General purpose mask designed for low risk dust and water based sprays. Grade 1 (P1 or FFP1) makes will filter at least 80% of airborne particles reducing the amount of dust you breathe by a factor of 4

Breathing mask 2Breathing masks grade 2* – Grade 2 (P2 or FFP2) will filter at least 94% of airborne particles and are best suited to more intense jobs reducing the amount of dust you breathe by a factor of 10.

Breathing mask 3Breathing masks grade 3* – Grade 3 (P3 or FFP3) are used in the most particle rich environments and will filter between 99 & 99.95% of particles improving your protection from breathable dust by a factor of 20.

Protective clothingProtective clothing – Semi-durable clothing made from polypropylene helps protect the user from accidental splashing and dirt. High visibility clothing MUST be worn at night or in conditions with reduced visibility

Breathing apparatus overviewBreathing apparatus – Respiratory masks and breathing masks consult the product supplier, COSH data information. Provides breathable air.

Breathing apparatus 1Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) – A self-contained breathing unit. A SCBA is comprised of 4 components, a hose, a high pressure air tank, a regulator and a mouthpiece/mask.

Breathing apparatus 2Closed circuit apparatus – Closed circuit systems are typically used in conditions in which the bulky equipment such as air tanks and hoses would not be allowed or suitable.

Breathing apparatus 3Open circuit apparatus – Open circuit SCBAs are also known as ‘Industrial Breathing sets’ and use filtered compressed air which is exhaled by the user. Due to the design of the system there is a limit on the amount of air available to the user and thus heavy or fast breathing will heavily effect your ‘air time’.

Welding maskWelding mask – Welding masks/goggles are recommended with this tool or a piece of equipment that may accompany it. We advise you to use protective welding masks or goggles with this equipment as serious visual problems may occur when used incorrectly or without protective equipment.

*= Currently Hire Station stock both P3 and FFP3 standard safety equipment. Soon we will be switching to FFP3 ONLY. This will help provide the maximum amount of protection no matter what the situation is.

Transport overviewTransport symbols – If you are collecting your equipment from one of our branches you need to know if your vehicle is suitable to handle your and if not, what type of vehicle is required. Please note some products WILL require delivery and cannot be collected from your local depot

Estate carEstate car

Flatbed truckFlatbed truck

Transport vanTransport van

7.5 ton7.5 ton truck

Tow barTow bar

Low vibration rateLow vibration – The green ‘V’ indicator means that the tool has a low vibration rate (0 – 5 m/s2) and can used intermittently throughout an 8 hour working day with a low risk of vibration related injuries

Medium vibration rateMedium vibration – The amber indicator means that the equipment has a medium vibration rate (5 – 10 m/s2) and can only be used for a maximum of two hours per working day without further risk assessment

High vibration rateHigh vibration – The red range indicator covers product that produce over 10 m/s2 (based on a 2 hour exposure time). These are very high risk tool that can produce severe vibration related injuries. Specific risk assessment will be needed for usage with equipment marked with a red ‘V’. Please contact the Hire station help desk for guidance and assistants on this matter

Dust extractorDust extractor – With any piece of equipment that carries this symbol we highly recommend that you use a dust extraction unit

Safety hookSafety hooks – Please ensure that all safety catches are fully engaged and load chains/cables are untangled and hang freely without obstruction

Vertical liftingVertical lifting – This symbol means use only for vertical lifting. Position or suspend equipment from a safe point that will bear the weight of the load and the equipment

Angle liftingAngle lifting – Use at any angle for lifting, pulling and dragging. Anchor to a secure point that is strong enough to take the load when the force is applied. Allow for any contact friction if dragging

Stable loadStable load – This means indicates that you need to make sure the load is balanced and that any personnel stand well clear. Attach ‘tag’ line to control any rotational movement and never leave the equipment unattended. Ensure the landing site is free of any obstructions and can fully support the loads size and weight

Personell liftingPersonnel lifting – This symbol is attached to any form of equipment that is designed for personnel lifting. The use of safety restraints and harness is highly recommended

Sling liftingSling lifting – Do NOT use load cables/chains as a lifting sling. Prevent hook overcrowding with a ‘bow’ shackle. Join lifting equipment with a ‘D’ shackle. We also recommend you protect sharps edges to prevent damage to the load

RCD power breakerRCD power breaker – The RCD (Residual Current Device) breaker helps to provide protection from an electric shock. We strongly recommended using an RCD breaker, especially when using electrical equipment outdoors or in damp conditions

RCD safety unitsRCD safety units – This symbol remind you to use an RCD power breaker at all time with your equipment

Specialist plugSpecialist plug – This symbol means that a standard 32 amp 240v/230v IP44 CEE plug is required for use with the equipment

If you still require any help with regards to our symbols, there meaning or not sure which apply to you and your hire, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hire station helpdesk and someone will be on hand to help you.

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