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Heating Safety

Heating Safety with Hire Station

When it comes to heating your building or warming your house, Hire Station has you covered!

Heaters are used in almost every environment from offices and hallways to industrial buildings, houses and sheds. The units are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications making them highly flexible for different scenarios. Our heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors at events, in beer gardens or even just in your own front room when the weather gets colder!

Here at Hire Station we have heaters capable of producing over 270,000Btu each hour powered by LPG, electricity and oil based fuels. We can also provide you with all your gas needs via our respected suppliers at Calor. Available from us are 7kg and 15kg bottles of Butane as well as 3.9kg, 6kg, 19kg and 47kg bottles of Propane.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor heating?

In a brief definition the difference between indoor and outdoor heaters are the specifications to which they are designed to be used, e.g. indoors and outdoors.

Something to remember though is the term indoor and outdoor is incorrectly used for spaces inside and out. A better terminology would be:

  • Indoor – Small areas such as bedrooms, lounges, office spaces
  • Outdoors – larger spaces such as factory floors, workshops, beer gardens

After all, why would you want to heat an outside area in which the temperature would quickly dissipate within the ambient air?

What is a Btu?

The Btu is the traditional unit used when measuring heat energy and stands for British Thermal Unit. The measurement is the amount of work required to increase the temperature of 1lb (454g) of water by one Fahrenheit.

A simple method to understand the Btu is this; 1 four inch (100mm) match stick will produce 1 Btu once completely consumed. The Btu is equivalent to roughly 1055 joules.

Below you will find a selection of both indoor and outdoor heaters that are readily available from Hire Station.

Indoor Heating from Hire Station

240V Halogen Heater
Electric Infra Red Heater
240V Oil Filled Radiator
Electric Fan Heater

Outdoor Heating from Hire Station

Propane Box Heater
Direct Oil Fired Heater
Indirect Oil Fired Heater
Direct Fired LPG Heater 23 - 47kW

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