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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

How do I find my working height?

Working Height is where you want to reach. Guard Rail is approximately waist height. Platform Height is where your feet are.

For more information with regards to working at height please click here to go through to our dedicated health & safety page.

How do I know if my heater is safe to use?

You should always follow the manufacturers instructions with relation to setting up your heater. For information with regards to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and other heating related safety simply click here!

What is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment- goggles, gloves & dust masks etc.

What is PAT?

Portable Appliance Testing, most commonly known through the tool industry as ‘PAT’ testing. This is a term applied to the process used by tool hire and electrical companies to examine electrical equipment and appliances to ensure the product is safe to use.

A large majority of electrical defects are found via a simple visual inspection but others can only be detected via testing. It is important to understand that a visual inspection of the item is part of the PAT testing as some issues cannot be found through testing alone.

Please find below our HAE Safety Guide with regards to PAT testing.

Please Click Here for our HAE Safety Guide with regards to PAT testing.

Can I plug the transformer into a 240V extension lead?

No- the transformer needs to be plugged into the mains. Always extended from the 110V side. This is a purely safety issue and not a tool related problem.

If the transformer is connected to main power with a 110V extension lead leading to your equipment there is massively reduced chance of serious injury or death.

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