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Brandon Hire Station - PROTECT

PROTECT is our damage waiver service and, where purchased, provides a waiver against the accidental damage value to our equipment. While you remain responsible for our equipment during the period of hire, Brandon Hire Station will waive any cost of repairing accidentally damaged equipment up to the value of £500*.

You can download the PROTECT Damage Waiver documentation by clicking the link below

Damage Waiver

PROTECT Damage Waiver


15% of the hire charge during the period of hire.


All accidental damage to the equipment hire caused during transportation, whilst in use or storage

Comprising of all parts, labour, lost hire revenue and replacement if the item is a write off, subject to the protection limit.

Protection Limit:

£500 in respect of any one item.

Limitations, Exclusions & Conditions

The damage waiver is not an insurance policy, PROTECT is offered subject to the provisions below and our standard terms & conditions.

PROTECT is charged at 15% of the overall hire rate of the equipment.

You will be liable for any balance over the £500 damage waiver limit. If the total value of equipment hired is greater than £500 we would advise you to take out plant insurance to protect against further liability for accidental damage.

You must notify Brandon Hire Station of the damage within 48 hours of the damage occurring.

You are under no obligation to pay for PROTECT, however without it you will be liable for 100% of the total cost of repairs for any damage to the equipment on hire.

General Conditions

PROTECT shall not apply, and customers shall remain fully liable for damaged equipment where:

  • Damage to Hire Goods was directly or indirectly the result of: (a) misuse or use contrary to instructions; or (b) malice or any deliberate act; or (c) negligence or want of care; or (d) an act or omission by any person who is not you or in your direct employment; or (e) failure to use and maintain equipment in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.
  • All reasonable steps to protect the equipment hired to you and prevent accidental damage have not been undertaken.
  • Any credit account with Brandon Hire Station is in arrears at the time you submit a claim.
  • Equipment is lost or stolen.
  • Equipment is not returned to Brandon Hire Station.
  • Damage is not reported to Brandon Hire Station within 48 hours of the damage occurring.
  • Damage is caused by chemical spills, paint, concrete, masonry (or similar) spillage or overspray.
  • Damage arises from failure to clean and conduct general routine maintenance of the equipment, where cleaning and maintenance is your responsibility under the terms of the contract.
  • Damage is the result of a breach by the Customer of any terms of the Contract.

PROTECT will cease to apply at the end of the relevant hire period (or when you stop paying for the relevant hire goods, if earlier). PROTECT does not provide compensation for loss or damage caused to your or any third party property and / or to any person or person(s). In certain circumstances PROTECT will not be available and Brandon Hire Station reserves right not to offer the scheme to particular customers in its discretion at any time. Brandon Hire Station reserves the right to withdraw the product at any time (on written notice). The PROTECT damage waiver charge is not refundable, and there is no cash value to the £500 protection limit or any unused portion thereof.

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