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Air conditioning calculator

To establish what size air conditioning unit you will need, simply follow these easy instructions:

Air Conditioners are measured the same way as with heaters using the British Thermal Units (BTU's) measurement.

To establish what BTU (British Thermal Unit) capacity will be required then all you need to do is simply multiply the dimensions of the room that you intend to be cooled.

An example would be: length x breadth x height

Then multiply this final figure by 5 - always measure and calculate in feet.

Here is an example: 18 feet x 12 feet x 10 feet = 2160 Cubic Feet, next 21.60 x 5= 10,800 BTU's
The Air Conditioner you would require for a this is a Medium Air Conditioning Unit

This room size measurement is inclusive of up to 4 persons, a pc and a photocopier. For each additional person and electrical unit increase the total power requirement by 400 BTU's

An example of this would be: in a room with 8 persons, a pc and a photocopier.
10,800 + 4 x 400 = 12,400 BTU's
The Air Conditioner you would now require for this is a Large Air Conditioning Unit

Please remember that all air conditioners must be able to vent the accumulated hot air in to the external atmosphere and consideration must be given to their location, ideally it would be most beneficial to site them near to an open window of below a suspended ceiling. We can provide you with additional ducting at small extra charge.

Hire Station offers a broad range of cooling equipment including EvapCoolers, air conditioning units, electric fans and much more all available at fantastic prices on hire periods tailored to suit you. If you have any questions regarding any of our hire equipment or the air conditioning calculator we have provided then please contact us using the 'Ask for help' button at the top right of this screen and one of our experience and friendly Hire Team members will get back to you.

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