FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Hire Station we have a dedicated page for your frequently asked questions. To make this page easy to navigate and understand we have divided your questions into 4 categories:

  1. General – this covers aspects such as opening times, delivery, payment details etc.
  2. Tools – this covers enquiries regarding our equipment and stock of tools.
  3. How 2 – here we have questions regarding the actual process of using tools; this also leads to our ‘How to guides’.
  4. Contact & accounts – this covers questions regarding contacting us, how to speak to us, and how to open and manage your trade account.

If you have any questions with regards to 'Accreditation, liability & memberships' please click here.

On this page is where we keep all of our information with regards to our accreditation's and memberships such as HAE and other forms of insurance such as liability.

Please browse through the 4 sections to find the solution for your problem. If you can not find the answer to your problem below, please click the 'ask for help' button to your right and use either our new live chat system and speak to one of our experienced advisers or alternatively send us an email and one of the team will get back to you with a solution. 

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5pm

Saturday 8am - 12 noon

Sunday - closed

I will struggle to return the item because of work on a Monday

We open our branches early at 7.30am to give you the opportunity to return your equipment before work

How soon can you supply?

We have an in stock guarantee on certain items and most items can be offered next day

Can I pay cash for the hiring of equipment?

We unfortunately don't accept cash. Payment must be made upfront with a debit/credit card 

Hire time periods.

24 hours, 48 hours and weeks. (Strict times e.g. 10:00am - 10:00am)

Do you deliver?

Yes £7.50 each way, £15 total.

Can I use my passport as I.D?

No- It does not give your current address

What I.D. Do I need to provide when hiring equipment?

2 x Positive forms that state your name and current address such as your driving licence, or utility bills dated within the last 3 Months

What if I want to keep the equipment longer?

If you wish to keep the equipment longer phone us on 0845 604 5337 and a new payment will be taken

Can I hire the equipment from 9-5pm?

Yes, but you will have to collect the equipment from one our branches; we cannot guarantee that we would be able to deliver and collect equipment on the same day.

If I return the equipment before the due date will I get a refund?

If a refund is applicable, then of course you will receive one, but please bear in mind our pricing structure (same day, 2 day, weekly and minimum weekly).

Do I have to have Damage Waiver?


Is the equipment insured for theft?

No, it is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is insured.

Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

If you are a private hirer and are using the equipment on private property, no license/certificate is required. Trade users might need a licence/certificate for some equipment if working on site.

Do I need to be at the delivery premises when the equipment arrives?

Yes, we must have a signature for the equipment and be shown the appropriate I.D.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We ask customers to pay in advance by credit or debit card. Regular customers should consider opening a trade account where you are invoiced monthly. To set up a trade account click here


How do I find my working height?

Working Height is where you want to reach. Guard Rail is approximately waist height. Platform Height is where your feet are.

For more information with regards to working at height please click here to go through to our dedicated health & safety page.

How many scaffold boards are needed to use with a pair of trestles?


How do I calculate Watts or Amps??

To calculate Watts times your volts by your AMPS. To calculate your AMPs divide your watts by your voltage. To learn more about power conversion click here for our dedicated power information page.

How do I know if my heater is safe to use?

You should always follow the manufacturers instructions with relation to setting up your heater. For information with regards to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and other heating related safety simply click here!

 What size diamond blades do you offer?

 At Hire Station we offer 6 different sizes of diamonds blade varying in diameter from 100 through to 350mm with our most common sizes being 230 and 300mm.

To learn more about Hire Station’s diamond blades please click here!

 What is the difference between 110V & 240V?

 110V - is the standard voltage for professional working sites. 110V is used for safety reasons as it helps prevent injury or death should a cable be accidentally cut and the person makes a connection between the live conductors and the earth. When 110V power is used two 55 volt lines are provided out of phase meaning if someone does rupture the cabling the highest shock they will receive is 55 volts, which is unlikely to be fatal.

Most 110V cabling is bright yellow and to use your equipment at home you will need a transformer to convert the electrical current.

Unlike 240V equipment 110V tools CANNOT be plugged into a 240V electrical supply. This added with the number of accidents reported on building sites means that 110V is considered the much safer option.

 240V - is your standard ‘household’ voltage power. Most leads are black or blue and will be power domestic tools. 240V is considered more dangerous hence the reason it is not used on building sites. If a 240V piece of equipment is used from a 110V power supply the machine will only run at about 25% of its power and it is highly likely it will stall but isn’t likely to cause any damage.

Most equipment within the UK is labelled as '230V' as this is considered the 'nominal voltage' to earth. This is also done to bring the UK system into harmony with the rest of Europe.

Below you can download our HAE Safety Guide for any 110 or 230 volt electrical product, including cordless power tool chargers.

PDF logo small

 What sort of light should I use when plastering?

Florescent- it's efficient, doesn't get hot or cause a shadow when working in front of it.

Can I plug the transformer into a 240V extension lead?

No- the transformer needs to be plugged into the mains. Always extended from the 110V side. This is a purely safety issue and not a tool related problem.

If the transformer is connected to main power with a 110V extension lead leading to your equipment there is massively reduced chance of serious injury or death.

Can I use extension leads on pressure washers?

No- always extended the high pressure hose.

Can I run a fridge off a generator?

Yes- you would need a minimum of 6Kva

Are your carpet cleaners steam?

No, they are warm water extraction units.

Does the gas flame gun twin head come with gas cylinders ready for use?

No, Gas bottles are an additional consumable item.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

All our equipment comes with instructions, our driver friends from Hire Station and hire desk personnel will also give a 'hand over' if required.

I need to hire something you don’t have on your website – can you get it?

Our website only features the most popular of our Hire Products, please contact us with your requirement and we will endeavour to help you.

What is the condition of the equipment?

We supply modern and well maintained equipment. All equipment is tested before each hire and comes with a 'test certificate'.

Do you repair customer’s equipment?


Is your domestic carpet cleaner suitable for use on car upholstery?


Is your domestic carpet cleaner suitable for cleaning a memory foam mattress, would you recommend this?


Have you got a wood chipper that could deal with 6" diameter pieces of wood?

No, our 6.5hp Petrol Shredder Chipper will only shred up to 13mm and chip up to 65mm

Would the Light Duty Ground Tiller be suitable for a small garden about 9m2?


Would a Light Duty Ground Tiller dig through patches of grass?

No, the Light Duty Ground Tiller is best suited for turning over top soil in ground that isn't too hard. If you require a machine to do more heavy duty work then use the Medium Duty Cultivator / Rotavator

Can I use any soap in your carpet cleaners?

Yes you can

How much cleaning fluid do I need?

It all depends on your stains and carpets

Do you hire Stump Grinders?

Yes we do. 

What is First fix?

External use-rough sawn timber- fence post, timber frames and roof joists

What is Second fix?

Internal timer-panelling, skirting and MDF mouldings

What is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment- goggles, gloves & dust masks etc.

What is PAT?

Portable Appliance Testing, most commonly known through the tool industry as ‘PAT’ testing. This is a term applied to the process used by tool hire and electrical companies to examine electrical equipment and appliances to ensure the product is safe to use.

A large majority of electrical defects are found via a simple visual inspection but others can only be detected via testing. It is important to understand that a visual inspection of the item is part of the PAT testing as some issues cannot be found through testing alone.

Please find below our HAE Safety Guide with regards to PAT testing.

PDF Logo

What is the advantage of a diamond blade?

The main advantage- they do not loose the depth of cut- normal blades wear away with use.

Can I use a carpet cleaner to clean the interior of a car?

Yes- please ensure you request an upholstery tool

How hard can the ground be for a lawn aerator?

You must be able to put a garden fork 4 inches in to the ground.

Can I do all my room with a floor sander?

No- the protective guards prevent you from reaching the edges. We offer the Disc Edger for this purpose.

How many sanding sheets do I need?

We offer a sale or return policy. You will only pay for the ones you use.

Do you erect the tower scaffolding?

No, all erection of towers is the hirer's responsibility.

Do you dismantle the tower scaffolding when collecting?

No, towers must be dismantled and ready for collection when our vehicle arrives.

I have a reasonably large area of concrete to break up, probably 5m x 4m and at least 6" deep. What would be the best tool to hire to break it up?

Our 'Road Breaker - Electric' is probably best suited for this job 'Ideal for the breaking up of concrete or asphalt paths, driveways and roads up to depths of 300mm' 

How do I clean my carpet?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

How do I remove stains from my carpet?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

How do I lay Laminate flooring?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

How do I wallpaper?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

How do I sand my floor?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

How can I clean my patio?

Please see our helpful How 2 Guide

Does it matter if the beam screed is larger than the Area I am concreting?

No, but only if the overhang does not make the float / screed lift.

Do you sell cleaning fluids?

Yes we do please visit our online shop. These will also be available to hire alongside the carpet cleaner.

Do you do training?

Yes we do. Please click here for more information

How do I calculate what type of air conditioning unit I will require?

Please just click here to find our 'air conditioning calculator'. Here you will be able to calculate what type of unit your top will require.

Will I get a further discount if I open a Trade Account?

We would need to have a member of the sales team contact you, and discuss your Tool Hire requirements to access if you would be eligible for a discount.

I can't get through on the phone.

Please try our online web service we are here to help

Do you help charities?

It might be possible please contact us directly by phone, email or web chat

Do you do e-billing?

Yes we do

Can I view my accounts on line?

Yes you can register or login into our extranet service, simply click here to do so.

How do I contact you?

Please use our simple contact us form or click on our live chat buttons

How long does it take to open a business account?

Normally within 24 hours, but let us know if you require something urgently.

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