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110V Road Breaker

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Road Breaker - Electric

This Road Breaker is ideal for the breaking up of concrete or asphalt paths, driveways and roads up to depths of 300mm.

One of the main benefits of the Road Breaker is its ability to be powered by either an AC or DC electrical supply. The Road Breaker also has an L.E.D system which uses a light indicator to notify the use of switch failure or cord damage.

The ergonomics of the Road Breaker have been designed to create a short profile; this means the tool has been engineered for easy movement across uneven surfaces.

One particular benefit of this tool is the AVT system fitted. This is an internal counterbalancing system. This massively reduces the vibrations generated by the tool whilst also directing more energy impact into the work surface. This double edge effect creates higher levels of comfort for the user.

This machine is 110V and a transformer, generator or 110V site supply is required to use it.

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