Why hire?

Why Hire from Hire Station?

More people everyday are finding out the benefits of hiring tools and equipment from Hire Station. You are able to get immediate access to our large range of high quality hire equipment.

Hiring the easy way:

When planning your next project, it is important to choose the right product for the job, at Hire Station we can provide expert help to make sure the process and your project run as smoothly as possible. With over 2000 products available to hire online or instore, we have all the suitable tools, no matter how big or small your next job is.

Hire Association Europe

Hire Station are part of the Hire Association Europe. Hiring tools and equipment from Hire Station will give you the confidence that we offer high quality tools and equipment, and you are hiring from a company that is striving to improve industry standards by investing heavily in hire equipment that will benefit the hire industry and the end user.

Meeting demands:

If you already have a selection of tools, it is easy to add hire items to meet any demands that you may have coming in during different times of the year.

High quality tools:

At Hire Station we provide only the highest quality goods, because when you plan your project it's important to make sure the tools are reliable enough to get the job done.


Hire Station can offer products for a variety of different times, from 1 day for the quick jobs, to an unlimited amount of days for the long or open ended jobs. Offering flexibility for the on and off hire of items.

Providing a quality service:

Hire Station pride themselves on providing the best service for the customer, from helping the customer choose the correct product for the job via our expertly trained hire teams, to making sure the items ordered are delivered and collected on time. We have branches located all across the UK with trained staff on hand to assist if you want to call in and order items over the counter.

Hiring tools from Hire Station will benefit you by:

  • No capital investment needed
  • No capital replacement programme
  • Immediate availability for short term requirements
  • Eliminates storage requirements
  • No maintenance costs
  • No Site downtime
  • Save on transport - equipment can be delivered/collected from site
  • High quality equipment available
  • Safety advice given on site or in store
  • Demonstration and instruction on safe use and operation of equipment given
  • Relevant PPE issued withrelevant hire items

Red arrow To hire your tools from Hire Station, visit the tool hire page, or call 0845 604 5337.