Specialist divisions

Along with Hire Station Vp plc has established a new section of specialised divisions whose forte is in the hire and sale of specialised heating, cooling and lifting equipment. Along with our other specialist businesses such as Arcotherm, ESS Safeforce and Virtual Hire, Hire Station created two areas of excellence:

1.‘Heating Centres of Excellence’ 

2.‘Lifting Centres of Excellence’

These are designated branches whose expertise lies in providing unique equipment such as direct fire heaters and lifting gear. From there our ‘Dual Excellence Centres’ were developed. These are a combined heating and lifting centres under one roof.

Our 29 centres of excellence, over half of our branches, provide the latest equipment available from chain blocks and material lifting to Phoen 110 oil heaters and our new fleet of GW31 LPG heaters.

Not only do our branches carry the most modern stock but they also provide all the relevant and required training, especially in regards to working at height. All of our available training courses are viewable on our training page. Our branches also now provide the ‘Big 5’ warranty available with our heaters. This means your repairs can now be done by our highly trained staff in the branch.

Please browse through the individualised tabs below to learn more about our 3 unique 'Excellence Centres' along with all of our specialised branch locations combined with a map showing where they all are placed across the UK.


Lifting Centre of Excellence van

Want to know if your local branch is a specialist lifting location? Then look out for this infographic on our local branch pages to find out!


Heating Centre of Excellence van

Want to know if your local branch is a specialist heating location? Then look out for this infographic on our local branch pages to find out!

Heating Centres of Excellence
Over the past couple of years Hire Station have built up a network of dedicated ‘Heating Centres of Excellence’.

Centred on our dedicated heating centre - Arcotherm based in Alfreton. Each of our dedicated heating centres provides specialist heater hire to every Hire Station customer. Arcotherm is the UK’s sole supplier of Biemmedue equipment and has over 20 years of experience in the heating industry becoming the leading supplier of portable heating equipment in the country.

Our network of specialised heating centres can provide the exact type of equipment where and when you need it and with 12 dedicated branches located throughout the UK you are never too far away.

At each of our heating centres we offer the following products:

  • Halogen & infrared heaters
  • Butane cabinet heaters
  • Propane box heaters
  • Electric fan heaters
  • 3 different specifications of direct fired LPG heaters
  • 2 different specifications of direct oil fired heaters
  • Diesel warehouse heaters
  • 3 different specifications of indirect oil fired heaters

These are just a selection of the heaters available from our centres of excellence, to see what else we offer please view our heater section.

Below is a list of our dedicated 'Heating Centres of Excellence' branches:

Coventry logo
Derby logo
Glasgow logo
Hull logo
Leeds logo
Hire Station Tower Bridge
Long Eaton logo
Newcastle logo
Peterborough logo
Warrington logo
Aberdeen logo
Bristol logo
Carlisle logo
Edinburgh logo
Maidstone logo
Manchester logo
Plymouth logo
Southampton logo
Hire Station Chesterfield

Lifting centres of excellence mapHire Station are accredited members of LEEA (the ‘Lifting Equipment Engineers Association – Lifting Standards Worldwide’). LEEA is established across the world as THE respected and authoritative representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry. The association has played a key role in this very specialised field for over seven decades, from training and standard setting through to health and safety. Alongside the provision of technical and legal advice and the development of examination and licensing systems.

Hire Station are represented at the highest level across a range of both public and private bodies including various government departments, as well as both nationally and internationally recognised professional and technical institutions. LEEA are registered in various forms of ISO (see our FAQ for more details) and also a member of DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme). LEEA is constantly involved with all aspects of the industry helping to promote the highest technical and safety standards whilst also offering a wide range of services and support to its members on a global scale.

Our Lifting centres also provide  the following equipment:

Loose Lifting Equipment: Chain blocks, winches, slings, shackles, eyebolts & jacking equipment

Fixed Lifting Equipment: Runway beams, overhead cranes, jib's, tail lifts, davits, sockets & hoists

Our service engineers can provide examination and test services on your lifting equipment & accessories. If your equipment isn't listed please contact us to see if we can come to an arrangement. With our nationwide team of LEEA qualified engineers our Hire Station staff inspect thousands of items every year to meet the required LOLER and PUWER requirements.

Below is a list of our dedicated 'Lifting Centres of Excellence' branches:

Hire Station Birmingham
Bristol logo
Carlisle logo
Edinburgh logo
Hire Station Canning Town
Hire Station Loughborough
Hire Station Greenford
Manchester logo
Hire Station Middlesbrough
Hire Station Norwich
Plymouth logo
Hire Station Sheffield
Southampton logo
Hire Station Stoke-on-Trent
Hire Station Swansea
Maidstone logo

Dual excellence centres mapAs well as our dedicated centres we also have branches that contain both heating and lifting specialities which we call our 'Dual Excellence Centres'.

The centres combine the benefits of both our heating and lifting expertise under one roof. Our dual centres are placed at strategic locations across the country making sure the centres cover most of mainland England and Scotland.

Each of our 'Dual Excellence Centres' are accredited by the same affiliations as the individual specialised branches.

Having 2 specialities under one roof produced numerous benefits, the most important being now customers within the catchment areas of the branches have every resource in one building. 

All of our excellence centres, heating, lifting and dual carry the latest equipment available whilst fully maintaining the tools on offer and providing full training when required or requested.

Here is a list of our Dual Excellence Centre branches:

Hire Station Aberdeen
Bristol logo
Carlisle logo
Edinburgh logo
Maidstone logo
Manchester logo
Plymouth logo
Southampton logo

Useful Information

Heating Centres of Excellence

1. Heating Centre of Excellence Aberdeen
2. Heating Centre of Excellence Bristol
3. Heating Centre of Excellence Carlisle
4. Heating Centre of Excellence Chesterfield
5. Heating Centre of Excellence Coventry
6. Heating Centre of Excellence Derby
7. Heating Centre of Excellence Edinburgh
8. Heating Centre of Excellence Glasgow
9. Heating Centre of Excellence Hull
10. Heating Centre of Excellence Leeds

11. Heating Centre of Excellence London Central
12. Heating Centre of Excellence Long Eaton
13. Heating Centre of Excellence Maidstone
14. Heating Centre of Excellence Manchester
15. Heating Centre of Excellence Newcastle
16. Heating Centre of Excellence Peterborough
17. Heating Centre of Excellence Plymouth
18. Heating Centre of Excellence Southampton
19. Heating Centre of Excellence Telford
20. Heating Centre of Excellence Warrington

Lifting Centres of Excellence

1. Lifting Centre of Excellence Aberdeen
2. Lifting Centre of Excellence Birmingham
3. Lifting Centre of Excellence Bristol
4. Lifting Centre of Excellence Carlisle
5. Lifting Centre of Excellence Edinburgh
6. Lifting Centre of Excellence Glasgow
7. Lifting Centre of Excellence Liverpool
8. Lifting Centre of Excellence London East
9. Lifting Centre of Excellence London West
10. Lifting Centre of Excellence Loughborough

11. Lifting Centre of Excellence Maidstone
12. Lifting Centre of Excellence Manchester
13. Lifting Centre of Excellence Middlesbrough
14. Lifting Centre of Excellence Newcastle
15. Lifting Centre of Excellence Norwich
16. Lifting Centre of Excellence Plymouth
17. Lifting Centre of Excellence Sheffield
18. Lifting Centre of Excellence Southampton
19. Lifting Centre of Excellence Stoke-On-Trent
20. Lifting Centre of Excellence Swansea

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